About ME

Hello, I am Naturalee Happee a.k.a. Ms. Happee! I am currently residing in Tennessee with hopes of relocating soon. I have a lot of professions under my hat. I have been employed with a few hotels as a Guest Services Associate, Worked with the school system as a Cafeteria Aide, Worked in the Retail & Cosmetic Sales field,acquired my Cosmetology License, and just finished Barber school in June 2014. Although my hats change often, I have a few things that remain the same!

I was a Vegetarian for 9 years and now am Vegan. I am a health and fitness buff(more health than fitness lol).I Love making my Handmade Costume Jewelry AND I also take amateur pictures of which I like to share. I love positive feedback as well as positive people! I hope you enjoy your visit!


NaturaleeHappee 🙂

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