Book of the week…Vegetarian! 😦

Hello my beautiful blog family! Thank you for the follows and shares. This week I decided to go back. Why? A conversation I had with a co-worker yesterday made me decide to take it back to where I began. This week I chose this book..

“Total Health for you and your family The Vegetarian Way” is a book written by Virginia & Mark Messina, PhD. I purchased this book way back in 2000. It was old even then. Hmmm. I think I found it either at a bookstore, or at Goodwill.(Yes, I am an adult nerd) 😝

Now, I’m not promoting or doing a “review” of this book like I do my other picks. This book does NOT have beautiful photography or all of the “bells & whistles”. What it DOES have is wonderful information not only for you, but for your family, and for the children if you have any. It is a great book to have in your library. Here is a peek at the table of contents…

See what I mean? Every question you’ve ever had on why consuming meat is not the best thing for your digestive system, all answered right here! Don’t sleep on “old books”. Sometimes, they are better at having information that was presented and shut out way before you were born! Which is exactly why I prefer my books versus kindle. Not throwing shade on those devices, I just like to hold my book in my hands. 😁

I have a Vegetarian/Vegan playlist on youtube on transitioning from meat.(NaturaleeHappee on Youtube). I also have Vegetarian fun, quick recipes in the archives of this wordpress.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out these documentaries in your spare time…

Am I trying to “convert” you? No. I’m only sharing information that I encountered since 2000. If you feel a need to try a healthier lifestyle, the info is yours for the taking. If not, that’s ok too. I hope you enjoyed my pick of the week. Don’t forget to subscribe & share. Until next week…”Stay Happee, and Stay Healthy”. 😉


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