Vegan Cookbook of the week…by Melisser Elliot

Hello my beautiful blog family! I hope everyone is well today. Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and sharing my blogs.

This week I chose this book to share with you.

“The Vegan Girl’s Guide To Life”, has got to be one of my FAVORITE books! πŸ‘ŒThe photography is awesome! (See my blog on what i look for to do a review). I also like the  feel of this book. I know it sounds strange, but whatever she used for the cover made it really soft. Seriously, for the first time in a review(and I’ve done tons on my youtube @NaturaleeHappee), I am encouraging you to  feel this book! Lol. 

Okay, so besides the feel of the book, I also loved the recipes! My very first recipe from this book was this one..

I LOVE πŸ’œ banana bread! As you can see from the picture, I “tweaked” it to my taste. I’m sure you will enjoy this too.

Aaaah, but this book is not like the rest! Not like the others at all. This book is an A-Z book! Yes! The recipes are only part  of the book.

I love this book because it helps readers transition  ALL aspects of their life into veganism. This lovely author showcases businesses in her book as well as bloggers! You can find everything you need in this one book from foods, to clothes, shoes, cosmetics, soaps, books, and more! 100% VEGAN!!! In the back of the book, everything is categorized for easy Google search.

I literally saw a “glow” on this book when I was first trying veganism! Well, ok. Maybe it was the sun from outside shining in the bookstore window, but still.. I loved it from day 1. 😁

If you make this recipe or purchase this book, TAG ME! If you already have this book, comment belowπŸ‘‡! I love to hear my subbies point of view on things.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Like, Follow, & Share. Until next time, stay Happee & stay healthy! 😎


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