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Is it that time AGAIN???

Hello my very beautiful blog family! How have you been doing? I hope you all are well. What a beautiful first day of May it is!

I would like to say a special “Thank you” to all of the people who follow my blogs,(yes, I write for other blogs too) who watch my youtube videos, and my podcast on “we speak out”). Thank you so much and it is really appreciated when you like, comment, and share. 🙂

So, besides writing for other blogs, my own blog, being involved with new contacts, and working, I managed to make a youtube video today. Feel free to follow me on any of the sites mentioned in the video, and comment here if you like.

Before I post the video, I would like to say that I feel like a LOT has happened already and it is only the 5th month in. I feel really confident that the best is yet to come! What have YOU all been up to? Feel free to chime in, and I hope you have a gr8t rest of the week! 😉