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Touching bases and helping along the way

Hello my beautiful blog family. Long time no hear. I have been on various adventures in life and am at point where I am trying to “revamp” a few things. I still maintain my YouTube channel with home remedies, oils, and loc tutorials. I have entered the world of Instagram under “hairdeezynor” to display hair and barber cuts that I have done. I had a storenvy page but I had problems with their “switchover” from paypal to stripe. I just did not want to participate in the switch and wound up shutting my store down. (By the way, if anyone has suggestions on a great handcrafts platform please leave it in the comments!) So, yeah. I have been pretty tied down in various places on social media. I always say that I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

My exercise routines were strong and dwindled as the days got hot and humid. I have done Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire, (as said in my past blogs). I did Shaun T’s T-25, and recently I started Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution. I only had the one dvd so I was not able to complete here program. So…as I search for something to keep me fit without all the jumping and hurting my back, ( I have Sciatica), I am on chill mode for a while.

Speaking of which…I am still a Vegan and am incorporating everything that I have learned in my daily routine. I try to keep my water intake up, I still do smoothies versus juicing. I mostly juice on the weekends when i have enough to spare. Juicing calls for a lot of food and when you have a family, it might prove to be challenging. No matter what though, I will never be an meat eater again. I was  vegetarian for 9 years, and now Vegan for 3…hmmm. I have to go back in my own archives to see if it’s been 3 or 4 years. Lol. You get the picture though.

Let’s see…what else. I am “between” jobs so the job hunt game has been really rough as well. I always have faith that things will work out for the better rather than the worse.

I also have been in touch with my “hidden” talents. For one… I rock the Ankh jewelry and have come to learn a lot of Ancient Egyptian history. I know for a fact that I am a Empath. I have Chakra stones, and I meditate but not on a daily basis. I have seen a big difference in my attitude because of it. My starsign is Cancer so I have a birthday coming up soon and my goal is to have stability by then.

Oh yeah, I also do outrageous and random tweeting! It’s totally for fun but I do give plenty of warning that my thoughts and views may offend some so follow at your own risk. If it’s too much, simply press unfollow, problem solved.

So… I guess I just summed up my absence here. If you have any thoughts or questions…please leave it below. Feel free to go in the archives!! Vegetarian recipes were in my very first blogs…then Vegan recipes about 3 years ago…and juicing as early as this past year! Until next time…Stay Happy, Stay healthy! 🙂