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Update and changes….well..sort of!

Hello my beautiful blog family!

I hope you all are doing well. I am making it day by day. In my “neck of the woods”, it gets warm and then ice-cold day by day. You try not to think about getting sick but it does cross your mind.(At least that’s the excuse you want to use to pass on working a day). Anyhoo, let’s get to the news update..

Yesterday was my last day juicing. I am not forgetting it for good. I loved it. I just couldn’t keep up buying my supplies for me AND the veggie goodies for my crew! So…something had to give. I did find out a few things though.

Romaine lettuce..juices

Kale and Spinach…not

Cucumbers and Celery…juices


Oranges, Apples, Pears, Pineapples….juices

Flax seed….not

I don’t care for Tomatoes, Ginger, Parsley, or Avocado in juicing


That is what I learned from my experience. In my opinion..I would like to juice twice a week while it is cold out if I can. I know in the summer time I will be back to juicing a LOT more. why? I don’t like to eat when it’s hot anyway. I can actually see the juicing working out better for the summer. Raw food as well!

So..what am I doing now? Back to my old friend the Smoothie!!! Love it for dessert time! I like to make one for breakfast too if I’m already in a rush for work. ( I open a lot at my job!) My favorite combo is usually Spinach, Kale, or both. Coconut-Almond milk, Strawberries, mixed berries, or both. Flaxseed, Bananas is a must, and occasionally a pineapple in there somewhere. My dessert mix usually has a tablespoon of Cocoa and/or Peanut butter added to it! Yumm. I’m smiling just thinking about it now!

So it’s smoothie breakfast… random or no lunch…veggie dinner…and smoothie dessert! Sounds crazy huh? Well..that’s how the cookie crumbles. Lmbo! I just had to quote “Bruce Almighty” right then!

In two weeks it will be time for me to start another round of exercise dvd’s. I wonder what combination I will come up with next? Hmmm. Any thoughts family? Leave them down below!

Until next time….IMG_20150120_204205

Stay Natural..Stay Healthy…I am the Naturalee Happee Vegan! đŸ˜‰