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Concentration is key!

Hello my beautiful blog family! I hope you all are doing well. I guess this “flu weather” is still going on. It is warm one day, cold the next. Actually, that’s the norm here in Tennessee no matter what month it is! Lmbo!

So, in case you missed my last post..I am now juicing during the day,IMG_20150130_073142 andย eating my vegan dinner at night. It is going good, but I did go up 2 pounds. I wanted to form a sort of system to see if that would happen and it did. Now I have to “tweak” things to keep myself on track!

First thing is first..CONCENTRATION!! I spend so much time focusing on juicing and inches that I have missed 3 days of working out. To be honest, when I get home from work cardio is the LAST thing on my mind. Soooo maybe I can transfer to just doing SOMETHING when I am too tired for cardio. I have dance DVD’s, I have a few free weights(I need a small bench). I love my ab DVD’s too! What do you think? Surely doing SOMETHING has to be better than doing NOTHING!

I also have to keep up with how many times I fill my water bottle too. I drink a lot before bed(Yea, I get up during the night). I have to space it out better between the juice and the water. That also helps with keeping those scale numbers down. A little secret for those of you who eat hearty meals…if you drink 8-16 ounces of water before each meal, it tricks your stomach into thinking you are fuller faster. Try it, let me know if it helped you!

As usual, I love to hear your thoughts and comments. Until next time..stay natural, stay healthy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday and today…..well!

Hello my beautiful blog family! I hope you all are doing well. I am doing well…a little sleepy, but well. Today turned out to be a warmer day than what we have had this past week, so that is always a plus!

Yesterday I juiced all day and had a smoothie for breakfast instead of for dinner. I was off of work but I still had to stay on my feet because I was doing a co-worker’s hair. So it still felt like work. I had a juice before she arrived, and while she ate her “McPoison”, I was not bothered at all. I had another juice after she left and was completely drained for standing up half the day. I have come to realise that lack of rest/sleep plays a HUGE part in my mood while juicing! I get VERY agitated if I don’t stay on schedule with my juicing every 4 hours!

Today, I had a smoothie for breakfast, a juice after work, and water with a dinner. Yep, I ate dinner today. I had the same effect as the other day. Remember I said that it was great going down but then it felt yucky in my belly? Same thing happened today. The feeling didn’t last past an hour this time so it wasn’t too bad. For dinner? My crew got Pillsbury wheat pizza dough, tomato sauce,light life crumbles,spinach leaves,mushroom,black olives,onions,peppers,and Daiya shreds. Oh….so you say that it may have been the onions and peppers huh? Maybe.

Well, just like before, I will juice all day tomorrow. I will take it slow and do the dinner maybe every other day. It seems crazy to “dislike” food this early in the game huh? IKR? I heard that after the first 3 days of juicing, it’s not so bad. I agree with the masses. I never thought in a million years that I would actually PREFER it! Every day is a learning experience for me, and I hope I help someone else to try juicing as well!

Has anyone had any similar experiences? Are you a “juice junky?” Leave your comments below! Follow and share and until next time…stay natural, stay healthy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lesson learned! Be careful of what you ask for!

Hello my beautiful blog family! I hope you all are doing well and staying warm on these frosty nights. I have a wrap around my shoulders as I type now! So… here we go.

I had 2 juices today. I did as I desired and ate a nice dinner bowl. It was this..

IMG_20150127_184035ย In a small pot I had Rosemary and Olive oil Quinoa, a yellow bell pepper,peppers and onion mix, spinach and kale mix, tomatoes, mushrooms,avocado, and parsley with a little black pepper. It was a really warm dish on this cold night. The satisfaction lasted all of…….5 minutes! Yep, although it felt good going down and was yummy, my stomach did this weird topsy turvy type of thing and I really felt like throwing up to be honest. I didn’t have my nightly smoothie but I did drink a green tea w/peach hot tea. The warmth of the tea felt just as good in my belly.

So, all the complaining and missing I was doing was just a desire I guess and not really a NEED. I don’t like to feel upset, and truth be told, I really felt like juicing today! I found out that a good night’s sleep does wonders when you get to that “icky I think I want to eat” phase. I wanted a juice but ate a bowl of food. Sounds like a reverse thing huh?

What am I going to do now? Well, I DID have my juices during the day like I said. I tried to eat something for dinner and did not like it so well. I guess I will stick out the juicing for another week and see how I feel. Do I keep counting? Hmmm. Why not. Everyone has slip ups. If you know it, and correct it, then you have learned from it. I’m going to continue counting,(and juicing) this week! The weight loss is an added bonus to the juicing as well!

What do you think? Let’s hear it! Until next time..stay natural, stay healthy, and fit! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Did I miss a day? Exactly one week today!

Hello my beautiful blog family! I hope everyone is doing well. I am only ok today. Not good, just ok.

First thing’s first! Did I miss a day? Seven days have passed and today is Monday again which makes it day 8. I didn’t think I missed, but I guess I did. :/ I started last Monday so it has been a long week.

Yesterday and today was this…

IMG_20150124_074943Work juice.

I can’t find my pic for today. The first juice that I had was a jar full! It was pretty yummy. The same combo of veggie to fruit ratio seems to be a winner. The second juice I made slipped out of my hand and fell all over the place! I was too through! I didn’t see “oh my juice fell”. I saw 3 celery, 3 carrots, 2 pears, an apple, lots of spinach…all spilled at once!!

I’m sleepy, tired from work, don’t want to do my workout, and now this with the spill. Enough to make you throw in the towel! One week is a good experiment, but to work this out for long-term is going to be a challenge. I can see it more “do-able” in the summer when you don’t eat much anyway and you want tons to drink. The winter? Not so much.

I think if I want this to be a long-term thing, I should keep it juice during the day and enjoy my dinners with my family. In this day and age there are too many families not eating together, but mine does!ย We ALWAYS eat together either at the table, or watching a movie, but it is still at the same time and in the same room! Of course, I can’t just put it ALL on “family”. I enjoy the fact that we are a Vegetarian/Vegan household. I miss my mushrooms, my avocados, my veggie wraps, and my humus! Yep, I miss it all!

So, do I try again tomorrow and see if my attitude changes after a good night’s sleep? Or do I juice during the day and eat my Vegan dinner? It’s anyone’s guess right about now. I for sure can’t say because I won’t know until I wake up. Any thoughts, tips, tricks? Looking to hear from you all soon! I’m about to go and make my nightly smoothie! Good-night all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 6…With an attitude!

Hello my beautiful blog family! I want to take a minute to thank all of my followers!!! Thank you so much for reading my blog. I am more than excited. I hope to see a LOT of comments coming in soon!

Today I worked a longer than usual shift. I had a juice before I left home, and one on my lunch break. That was fine! The problem came when I got closer to the end of my shift. I was getting tired, and sleepy. I just wanted to go home…yes, I felt like eating! I thought about the progress that I made and did not eat. I just focused on making another juice. I had a water bottle, and then made my usual smoothie for the evening an hour later. I’m fine now.

I have to admit, when I first got home and the family was making fun veggie subs for dinner, I had an attitude! I was thinking that it wouldn’t hurt if I ate a sub today and juiced tomorrow. Then I said…why would I mess up before Monday? If I can’t do a simple week, I must be REALLY weak! I am referring to myself, and my capabilities, not anyone else! So, I decided to keep it going to Monday. Who knows, maybe when Monday comes I will want to keep going. For now, let’s just make it to Monday! Lmbo!

Please comment below if you have already been through the fast. How did you feel? Do you juice more now or less? I’m waiting to hear from you. Until next time…Stay natural, stay healthy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 5…A pleasant surprise!

Hello my beautiful WordPress family! How have you been today? We had rain and drizzle but it was not super cold. It never ceases to amaze me when I see people at my job wanting windshield wipers while it’s raining, and they can’t put them on! (oops, did I tell my job? bad me!) Lol.

Anyway, it was still a good day today because I got up and was able to walk. All of my parts are working correctly, and I can see! That always makes a good day in my book!

So what was my pleasant surprise? Well, first let me include a pic of one of my juice sessions.


Kale,Romaine lettuce,Celery,Kiwi,Oranges,Pears. Yep, I choose the combinations with the same amount of veggies as fruit. This one is 3/3. The taste is good to me, and I know for a fact nothing is over the top. The bad part? I went to the grocery on Monday to start, Wednesday to refresh, and now it’s Friday and I need to go for tomorrow! I knew I wasn’t wrong when I said it was a lot of food to go into a cup of juice! Yet, I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet. Yes, it’s a drag going to the store..but it’s really not that bad to spend money on what one person usually spends to eat lunch at work, on a few fruits and veggies.

Okay, I will stop stalling! The pleasant surprise is that I could not resist the scale. Yep, I said I wasn’t going to get on it until Monday but I was curious. I just couldn’t help it! The result? I lost 4 pounds! I am so excited. I was super pumped during my workout after work today too! I do my workouts every other day now and I post it on my Twitter. Today was Turbo Fire HIIT 25. I was super tired, I followed the modifier, and I got it done!! (not low on energy as you can see!)

So party people, what combinations are YOU trying? If you have juiced before, what did you like and dislike? I am waiting to hear from YOU! Until next time…stay natural, stay healthy! ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

How I tricked my belly…Day 4!

Hello my beautiful blog family! I am hoping that everyone had a good day today. Mine was good, it was cold again, but still a good day.

Today was only 2 juices, 2 water bottles, and 1 smoothie for the night. I had a variety of ingredients for my first juice. I found out that for my taste, and even amount of fruit to veggie ratio works best.

IMG_20150122_125351 IMG_20150122_125816

This one was 4 veggies, and 4 fruits! It didn’t look “pretty”, but it tasted pretty good! My second juice was the one of which I “tricked” my belly.

You see, I decided to try a recipe from a book just to see if I could make a sort of “dinner juice”. So the recipe was this…It was called The Sicilian. It was 6 carrots, 3 tomatoes(yep, I tried it again), 2 red bell pepers( I used one red and one orange),4 celery stalks, 1 cup of spinach was the recipe but I used kale. I also added garlic powder and onion powder when it was done blending. The result? Well, it wasn’t the greatest…but my stomach thought I was eating spaghetti. Lmbo! Yep, it tasted like a “spaghetti drink”! So, even though my stomach was fooled, my brain was not impressed! Lmbo!

As usual my last was the smoothie which had kale, coconut-almond milk,berries, and 2 bananas. Did I have any side-effects today? Yes!

I went to work and didn’t have time to make a juice fest so I merely had water with lemon and left. BIG MISTAKE!!! I got a little dizzy every time I had to squat down to stock a shelf! When I got home around lunch time I immediately made that first juice and was fine after that. I have never been the type to get dizzy from missing a meal..ever..but for some reason, it must have been too much to miss an early morning fix! So, tomorrow, I promise to wake up on time so that I can get my nutrition in before I leave out of the door!

As for working out? I had already started doing my workouts every OTHER day instead of every day. I don’t want to gain any injury or start my Sciatica up again. I am doing a hybrid between T25 and Turbo Fire. In both I always follow the modifier and I don’t have any soreness when I am finished.

If you have any thoughts, comments, tips, or experience to share…leave it below! Until next time, stay natural, stay healthy! ๐Ÿ˜‰