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End of September and I’m back!!!

Hello my beautiful blog family! I am finally back and better than ever! I hope all of you are doing well. I have been having an “adventurous” 2014. I went through a LOT of ups and downs but you know what? As long as I do a K.I.M.(keep it moving), nothing will ever stop me completely.

Some of you may not have known from my past blogs so I will give you the “run-down”. Here it is. In January I started Barber college. I documented my experiences weekly on my YouTube channel under Naturaleehappee. I graduated in June and have yet to take my practical test to get my second license!(I already have a Cosmetology license). I wanted to be able to leave the “woman’s world”, and enter the men’s cutting world. That is still a part of my to-do list for 2014!

Also in June, I got into a wreck and totalled my car! I made it ok, but my car was pronounced dead on the scene.Lol. Unfortunately, my insurance was lapsed on the day of the accident and now I am a bus rider due to revoked license. Yep, a mess!

Over the summer I started T25. It was/is a wonderful system. I was documenting that experience daily on my Twitter. Somewhere around day 50..I started a new job and it screwed up my progress due to the early morning hours and evening times riding the bus. 😦

In September I tried to start T25 again only to be caught with less energy! I walk everywhere local and ride the bus further to the city. My energy for Cardio is simply not there like it was before. I also have been riding the fine line back and forth from Vegetarian to Vegan. It seems in my area outside of the city in TN. it is very challenging if not impossible to dine or grab a bite. So, I cook Vegan at home, but if I am out and about, I say Vegetarian. (yep, I KNOW the animal abuse is the same, but sometimes, it can’t be helped.) Especially if you are like me and find yourself not eating until noon anyway. I wake up with my lemon water and will be good until later. -Which brings us to today!

Yesterday I finally purchased myself another laptop! I am now an owner of a Toshiba with Windows 8 on it. I am beaming with light to finally have a way to do what I love…blog…vlog videos….run my online jewelry..and network with my virtual family! I have a lot of things under my sleeve and I’m working on launching a NEW site as well. Stay tuned real soon for all the details. For now…I have NaturaleeHappee on Youtube, Twitter, here on WordPress, Instagram, Skype, Pinterest, and Facebook. All outlets are a reflection of the different aspects of who I am from Vegan/Vegetarian, to my pins of photography and home remedies, to my loc/natural hair tutorials on Youtube, and my pure randomness on Twitter! I’ve always been here, but not here, if you know what I mean! Lmbo! Have a good day, and don’t forget to comment below on anything that YOU would like to share! 😉