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T25 week 4…how did I miss 3?

Hello WP family! I hope everyone is doing well. Are you following my Twitter and Youtube? I am posting a lot more to keep motivated. Remember to comment and share! 🙂

So…how is week 4? As you know, I refused to measure or weigh until the end of the week. This will give me an idea on what I need to “tweak” on a month by month basis.

I don’t have anything bad to say about this program. I feel it is made for people like me! I do have a few questions though for all of you Insanity veterans. Why is it that I can do lunges better AFTER the “kangaroo hop”? Lmbo! Why can I do “on your mark sprints” better than a pulse squat? Lol. Last but not least…why can’t I ever hold my balance longer than 3 minutes? Lol. Sometimes I wonder if I have an ear infection or something since I have no balance…then again…I don’t think I’ve EVER had balance my whole life! Lol.

All jokes aside. I love Shaun T. and T25. I have even started this week doing the 5 minute extras he has on Facebook. I feel like my old self again, and look forward to waking up every day! I’m so exited to be moving from Alpha to Beta soon. Yep, each phase to me shows strength and dedication. I have it, so I’m going to BRING it!

My next blogs will be about some of my yummy Vegan recipes! I’ve been having some technical difficulties with uploading my pictures off of my Tablet. Hopefully I will figure it out soon.

So how many of you are Insanity, T25, beachbody fans? Are there any tips or tricks that you’d like to share? Any Vegan meals or Vegan recovery drinks that you love? Feel free to commet below and let’s start this free community dedicated especially to people who dont mind helping their fellow fitness family members! Come on..let’s share and get this going! Stay Natural! 😉