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Focus T25..week 2…better!

Hello my beautiful,blog family! I hope life is treating you better today than it did yesterday.

My Beachbody’s Focus T25 is going a lot better. I follow Tonya who does the modified, low impact workouts. My favorite exercise is the sprint! Alternating between Shaun and Tonya feels best to me and my back. Lol. I even have to bend a knee somtimes on planks but thats to be expected with Sciatic damage. The point is…I don’t quit! Even if I slow up a bit, in my mind, quitting is not even an option.

I have 64 ounces of water a day. Fruit and veggie smoothies are daily as well as my regular veggie meals.(sometimes it’s vegan junkfood as posted in my earlier archives!) Long story short…I feel happy. Naturalee Happee!

Chime in below! What workouts do you enjoy? Have you done any Beachbody programs? How did YOU like them? I look forward to hearing your comments. 😉

Focus T25-Week 1..done!

Hello my beautiful blog family! I hope all is well with you. I am doing great. I tried to post this 2 days ago but I guess I accidentally erased it because I can’t find it, so here it goes again.

Last week I finished week 1. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was one of the ones saying that I wanted a great workout in 30 minutes instead of an hour or more. Lol. I follow the modified version done by Tonya on the DVD. Sometimes, I do feel like I can give it “more”, but I have to keep in mind that when you have Sciatic nerve have to really know your limits to avoid further injury! I may not be like most people. With my problem, I could be good for months without a relapse. So, when I’m good,I go at 100%.

I measured myself last Saturday just out of curiousity. I lost 3″ on my belly but that was all. I’m not a chronic measurer or weigher. I like every 4 weeks like when I did the Turbo Fire challenge from my Youtube videos. So, in 4 weeks, I will post my measurements and weight along with my Youtube update. 🙂

My eating has not changed much. I know I have to take in more water, and lay off of so much bread.(I love veggie wraps & tacos). My daily vitamins were noted on my video.

Well, I think that’s about it! If there are any peopke out there who want to share tips, advice, Vegan recipes, or just comment, go right ahead on this FREE blog! I blog because I like it, and I really like helping others. Can’t you tell? Until next time…Peace, stay Naturalee Happee! 😉

New Challenge! Shaun T. T25 Day 1!

Hello my beautiful blog family! Long time no type! Lol. I hope you all have been doing alright. I have been through so many ups and downs this past year but you know me, I’m going to make the most of what I have. 🙂
I started barber college in January. Since I already had my Cosmetologist license, I only had to go half of the time to become dual-licensed. I am proud to announce that I graduate this Thursday June 19th 2014! I have been doing weekly school vlogs on my youtube page and now thats done. Yeay me! 🙂
Now I am starting a new challenge since I have a little time to spare. I have my first video on Please feel free to keep up with my weekly updates, as well as my blogs here. 🙂
I want to encourage all to join me, or if you have done Beachbody’s T25…leave your comments to help the rest of us on this FREE forum!

Now,just like on my part 1 video, I have to admit that I am a “chunky Vegan”. My embarrassing stats are chest:37,arm:12,belly:39,butt:45,thigh:26,and weight 194. 😦

Yep…way too many vehan junk food items like oreos and crap! Now its time to put in WORK to get results!

My part 1 video tells my vitamins I take daily and my part 2 video tells what happened after my first workout. I drank my water and my after-workout drink was this..1/2 c. Frozen mango berry fruit mix, 2c.Coconut-Almond milk, 1Tbsp. Milled Flax seed, and 1Tbsp. Cacao powder.

Well..that’s all for now. Please feel free to comment & share! Please subscribe to my youtube channel. Until next time..Stay naturally healthy from naturaleehappee! 😉