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Happy World Vegan Day/Month!!!

I am going to start by saying…Happy World Vegan Month!! It is not only World Vegan Month, but it is also my 1 Year Anniversary! Yeay Meeeeee! 🙂 One year ago I decided to take the 30 Day Vegan Challenge. I have never looked back! I continued AFTER my 30 days and now it has become a part of my life. I get so many people asking lots of questions when they find out I’m Vegan. Most people in my area tell me that they’ve always had questions but never knew anyone “for real” who was Vegan. I’m thinking, “for real?” uh, ok. As in not in television? Lol. So anyway, I guess the burning question is..”how is it being Vegan?”

To be totally honest(like I keep it), In my opinion, being Vegan is not a big stretch if you are switching from Vegetarian like I did. I just had to subtract a few more items from my “do not eat” list. Oh, and I also got rid of my leather,silk, and other non-vegan clothing(except for the undies :/) I know, in due time! Now..if you are coming from meat-eater..I could see how it would be a very hard pill to swallow. I’m not saying impossible, I’m just saying very difficult! Once I learned about the dairy industry and it’s treatment of cows, and the logic of drinking cow’s milk (which is for a calf btw), I didn’t have a problem with putting my beliefs before my DESIRES for certain foods. I mean, let’s face it, do you really NEED to eat that fattening Ice-cream?

So what did I learn in this 1 year? I read so many books, and I already liked documentaries. I Googled a lot too trying to get as much information as I could. The main thing that I learned was basically the same as when you’re a Vegetarian, make sure you have a little bit of everything (from the Vegan pyramid food groups) in each meal, or at the least every day. If you have your vitamins in let’s say leafy greens, your protein in your tofu, and your grains as in your brown rice, you have a lot covered and that was just your dinner. Say for snack you had a little cup of almonds, you just scored again! What if you had a salad for lunch? I’m good at having a salad of kale, spinach, avocado,tomatoes,cucumber,and maybe some Tempeh. I just maxed my “nutritional requirements” in one day! Don’t forget that daily water intake too!

I also found out that my oh so favorite smoothies can actually make you Gain weight rather than lose weight. If you are trying to lose, you would opt for juicing.

Did you know their were Vegan junk foods too? Yep, there is junk food even in the Vegan category, just Google it. Although just like anything else, you MUST remember MODERATION. After all, junk food is junk food and the whole idea is to be HEALTHY as well as save the animals and the planet.(I’ve got to cut down on processed foods myself. )

Oh and before I forget…being Vegan or Vegetarian, or anything that is a Lifestyle change won’t mean a “hill of beans” (yes, pun intended) if you don’t EXERCISE!!! No you don’t have to lose a fortune joining expensive gyms. The object is to get that body in motion and DAILY! I have a “butt load” of DVD’s at my house. I pick what I want to do. I know I am lacking BIG in the weight/strength training so that is my short-term goal. I have moving 3 times a week down and I still feel “off” because I choose 30 min, sessions. I plan on doing better soon, but it’s like I said, SOMETHING is always better than nothing. Have you taken a challenge this past year? What kind? How did you like it? Feel free to comment! 😉