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Fitness Blogging-Waldo is missing!(again)

Hello my beautiful blog family! I hope you are doing your best. I am really happy that you decided to check out my blog today, and my past post for inspiration and yummy recipes.
I have to be totally honest because I don’t believe in pulling anyone’s leg. I have officially missed 12 days of working out! Yep, 12! It started the last time I worked out, some kind of way, I pulled my back yet again. Now this is not an excuse as it happens a lot when I do strenuous work. It takes about 3 days and I’m good again.(I have a slipped disk in my lower back and I have had it for years. Just use to it by now.)
Well, this time, I just haven’t been “inspired”. As a matter of fact, I think I am getting to a point where I am ready to slow it down. Even as I’m typing this now, I know it sounds crazy! There are people in their 70’s and 90’s who still go to the gym so what’s my problem right? The answer is argggggh! For some reason, when it’s a “routine” I don’t do so well. But when I wake up and do what I feel for the day(dance, weight, aerobic, dance-lol) I’m much better but the scale doesn’t move when I do the “whatever” way.
Is anybody else going through this too? PLEASE feel free to let me know! The diet portion is GREAT! I love the smoothies, the veggies, the yummy desserts, and the cookbooks, it’s just my fitness.
What do YOU do Mr. or Ms. in the same boat as me? 😉

Fitness Blogging-So far, so good!

Hello my beautiful blog family! How are you all doing today? I hope you all had a great holiday yesterday. Unfortunately it was raining in my area, but that didn’t stop me from doing my workout. Monday will start week 3 of the Beachbody Turbo Fire-round 2 for me. I have not lost any according to the scale, but I have lost 3-inches on my thighs and belly so I am totally satisfied with that!

Some of you do not know this, but in my spare time I go to thrift stores to see if I can find a good bargain. Well, the other day I say I found a GREAT bargain! Why? I found Tony Horton’s Power 90 dvd’s. Yep, ALL of them! Power 90 is the baby to P90X which is for the “high rollers”. lol! To some people, you may say..”that’s not a find!” To ME…I hit the jackpot! I only paid $10.00! Did you hear me? Another Beachbody dvd for only $10.00! Yeaaaaaa!

So, starting Monday, I will be alternating between Turbo Fire one day, and Power 90(weights) the other day. It has seperate dvd’s for the sculpting or weights and another dvd for the abs, and workout. I will have my Turbo Fire for my workout and the Power 90 for the sculpting and abs. A sort of “hybrid” system that I hope increases my “transformation”.

So, why am I doing all of this? Well, …why not? I have the time, I have the energy, there’s nothing physically wrong with me, so…why not work on myself while I can? Don’t get me wrong, when I had other jobs in the past it left me too tired, (and hungry) to even think about workouts. Now, I work on my own schedule and “do hair” when called. I’m also trying to improve my jewelry site. so….free time is “ME” time!

My eating is just about the same. Since I know what I need to do, I make it a point not to eat better foods. I actually watched a few more YouTube videos on incorporating less “packaged foods”. I am working on that as I speak. My favorite “quick meal” for right now is my leafy green salad with avocadoes, tomatoes,cucmbers,carrots, and lite vinegar dressing. Yummmm. I put it in a BIG bowl. You know, like on the old show “Seinfield” when Elaine asked for a BIG bowl? lmbo! I have my own BIG bowl and get satisfied with it! 😉 How have YOU been doing so far? Let me know!