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Fitness Blogging-Dinners?

Hello my BBF(Beautiful Blog Family)! How have you all been doing? I hope all is well for you. I have had a bit of mis-fortune lately.

My computer is completely down and I am being forced(not by anyone. lol) to go to the public library for my posting. I will try to continue with my pics, etc. It’s just a little inconvenient now.

I also GAINED 3 pounds! Yep, I’m not sure how that happened either! I am now on week 2 of my Turbo Fire-Round 2. Today I did the HIIT 20 with the stretch 10. Tomorrow is rest day. I am not AS sore as last week but I think I will forever have lower back issues stemming from my weight-lifting at the gym days. Uh-well. It’s not stopping me from doing “my thing” so I’m not worried about it.

So, what are my dinners? I have been eating a LOT of either Chinese vegetables with Brown Rice and Spring Rolls, or some form of Mexican. In Mexican I’m meaning Seitan Enchiladas, Tofu Tacos, Black bean & Refried bean Nachos with Daiya, stuff like that. So, the weight gain may be from the breads(but they are wheat) OR the fact that I love avocado and put it on almost everything. Maybe both huh? What do YOU think?

Today I am planning on making a Lentil loaf with lima beans and maybe rice. Not sure how that is going to play out, but that is the plan for today. Do YOU have any tips for great VEGAN dinners? Feel free to share! Of course I still use all of my cookbooks for dinner, but for times when I’m in a hurry, my “go to” is Chinese or Mexican! 😉

Fitness Blogging-Lunches?

Hello my beautiful blog family? How are you all doing today? No, really, how are you? I hope you all are doing great and got a chance to do at least 1 healthy/fitness thing today.

So, on my other post I talked about how my morning flows. I also mentioned that depending on what I have to do for the day, often determines if I have lunch, brunch(breakfast at lunch time) or linner(a late lunch at dinner time). These are some of the things that I may eat.

6-18-13 salad for lunch

I will find the biggest bowl in the cupboard, and make a FAT salad! I put spinach leaves,tomatoes,cucumbers,avocado,broccoli sprouts, and whatever else sounds yummy along with the dressing.

Sometimes I will just have a pb&j sandwich with a slushy/smoothie.

Picture 351

I may have hummus & chips.

Picture 195

Today I had two slices of Veggie Pizza with Daiya on top! So yummy & yes, it IS Friday! Gotta love weekends! So what about dinner? Well, I will have to post THAT one next! What do YOU have for lunch Mr. & Ms. Health Conscience? 😉

Fitness blogging-So what do I eat?

Hello my beautiful blog family! As said in my earlier post I am entering just SOME of the things that I eat now that I am Vegan. This is not a menu, this is not “written in stone”, it is just what I do.

In the morning I always have my bottle of water waiting by my nightstand for when I open my eyes. Yes, I should have a cold glass of water with lemon but I don’t so there it is!

Before I work out, during, and after I have this…


My “usual” even without me working out is to add bananas, blueberries, and strawberries, or bananas, mango, and kiwi, but it’s always bananas. I cannot review about this powder yet because I am “trying it out”. It came with a free shaker at the health food store. I loved the Sun Warrior last year, and so far, this brand is a bit chalky but I can deal with it(a little)lmbo!
I get another water bottle along with this too.

Now, after the workout I have one of two things. My “go-to” is a lite-life sausage muffin with peanut butter and sometimes even a tomato slice.(I know yuk huh?)

Sometimes I will have tofu scramble with it, and sometimes I won’t. My second is a bowl of oatmeal but what’s awesome about that? lol. Oh yeah, I found the bread at my local Publix grocery.


as well as this bread.

Next I will talk about my lunch-brunch-linner. Depending on how much running around I have to do. My meals sometimes run into each other which is VERY bad and I am trying hard to stop that. Sometimes you can’t help it. Do you have a usual that you like in the mornings? Please share. ESPECIALLY if you are Vegan! 😉

Starting my weekly fitness posting!

Hello my beautiful blog family! As promised I am beginning my “second” journey with Beachbody’s Turbo Fire by Chalene Johnson. Great music, and great motivation! I am on day 5 and this is a brief peek at the schedule.


The first time I did this I highlighted when I was done, this time I am checking them as I finish.

Today was Fire 55 EZ. That title is VERY misleading because it’s nothing Ea-sy about it! Lol! Depending on if I have enough time, I may incorporate some light weights in the evening starting next week. I will let you know if that’s a yea or nea. What do YOU think?

It happens to the best of us!

Hello my beautiful blog family! How have you been? I know you all are totally upset with me. I haven’t written, OR posted any recipes in a while. I do apologize for that.

So, what have I been doing? Well, I had a new job where I mainly cut hair all day. The job was great, but I was “dismissed” this past weekend. Why? The company I was working for has a firm policy of being able to cut in 15 minutes or less, AND to be able to sell product. My cuts were closer to 30 minutes, and I wasn’t great at selling their products. It is just so hard for me to “just cut”. I was having fun, laughing conversations with a lot of my customers and was not worrying about the time! I guess I’m just a slow one! So, oh well. I’m not sure if I am going to another shop/salon, or back to retail. I still have my Handmade Jewelry store open at:

In the meantime, I am still a Vegan with no complaints. I LOVE it personally, and have even tossed out my NON-Vegan clothing! Now, I’m not ready for Raw just yet, but I am enjoying my switch from a 9 year Vegetarian to a now 9 month Vegan. Lol!

Oh yeah, I started back with my Beachbody’s Turbo Fire. Yes, for real this time.(lmbo)Last year I did the challenge and completed it. This year I am only on day 3 but so far, I have one word to say…SORE! Omg! I think the only thing that is hurting is my lower back. If I could stop that, I would have no problems!

So, on my next few blogs(if you still want to follow). I will be going more in depth with the workouts, how I’m doing weekly, and what I’m eating now that I am Vegan. Interested? Leave comments and let me know! 😉