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The Vegan Secret Shopper-Moe’s Southwest Grill

Hello my Beautiful Blog Family! How are you all doing today? The weather here is pretty yucky! We had Tornadoes last night. Luckily none by me, and I don’t think anyone was hurt. I hope you enjoyed my post titled “I finally did it”. I really enjoy mentioning people who I think are cool. 🙂 Well, off to the post!

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite places to eat.

Picture 337-Vegan secret shopper 2

I went to the one located at 425-A N. Thompson Lane in Murfreesboro, TN. Now I have to admit, yesterday must have been an “off” day because it was far from what I was use to! For those of you who have never been, I will explain. When you walk in the door they usually greet you with a loud and friendly;“Welcome to Moe’s!” You then proceed to order what you want while watching them prepare it similar to that of a Subway restaurant. They serve items that are labeled V for Vegetarian and non-Vegetarian items are just plain text. They have Quesadillas, Nachos, Fajitas, Tacos, Rice Bowls, and Taco Salads. The Chips and Salsa is always free.

Now for the problems.. When I opened the door I was waiting for the “famous,warm greeting“,and did not get it. There was one guy who finally said the greeting, one from the team of about 5! I told myself,”maybe they just didn’t see me come in?” I proceeded to ask about the edible bowl on the Taco Salad and got a blank look from the lady when I asked if the shell contained any egg? Finally, a few seconds later, a preparer from the side of the woman said that it was a flour shell. I opted to not have the shell, but to have mine in a plastic bowl.(I know plastic). I had Tofu on my salad.(The seasoned Tofu is my favorite from the restaurant!) Unfortunately, when I got to my seat and began to eat I noticed something!

My Tofu was not the “normal” Tofu that I loved so much. I’m use to it being so tasty, seasoned, and fresh. The Tofu in my bowl was rather, shall I say..well, burnt! It was burnt and chewy! I was very disappointed. I pushed it to the side and began eating the rest of my salad when I noticed a couple of the preparers were eating their chips and drinking their sodas by the register. I thought to myself,”now I usually don’t see that from BEHIND the counter”. I started to wonder if maybe the manager was out that day or something.

As I left the place(disappointed),I could only think of this. It takes me a little while to drive from where I live to get to that particular restaurant because we don’t have one by my house. I just wish my experience yesterday could have been more”satisfying” ,and worth the drive!

Will I ever go there again? Probably yes. In the near future? Probably not. This experience gets 3 stars *** and that’s being gentle! Something that I hate to do from a place that I was “in-love” with from the past. Let’s just hope that Next time, will be a Better time! 😉

UPDATE: Upon returning back at the same location a few weeks later, I am happy to report it was “back to normal”! I received my welcome upon opening the door, and the crew was friendly and professional! My food was fabulous! I will be returning again in the near future! #Kudos Moe’s! 😉

The Vegan Secret Shopper-Sunshine Nutrition Center

Hello my Beautiful Blog Family! I hope all is well with you. I hope you saw the title for today. I am deeming myself a Secret Shopper. What do you mean I can’t do that? Really? I think I can do what I want, and if my only mission is to “report” for the general public, then let me do so! Besides, I think I slip under the “radar” a lot when people see me. I love when assumptions are made without any knowledge! Who am I? I am a lover of music, health, fitness, nature, crafting, walking trails, GOD(I should have typed this first!), animals, family, making people beautiful, now Vegan after being 9 years Vegetarian, and I just happen to have locs in my hair! ALL NATURAL ME-Naturaleehappee!! Lmbo!

Anyway, enough about me! My store for today is..

Picture 335

I am a frequent visitor of the Smyrna store. I love the women who work there! They are so kind and knowledgeable. It is a “smaller” store so if you are looking to just fill-in, then this is the store for you! I actually started my essential oils “must-haves” from this store. Everything is always neat and in order, and I love receiving my FREE health magazines too!

Although the Smyrna store is pretty decent, I was always told that the Murfreesboro location was the biggest store with more products.(I had started asking about herbs to add to my hair shampoos and other hair products.)So, I decided to go check out the BIG store on my next off day.

The store was easy to find because of the LARGE sign that was displayed on the building. I was grateful for that since I didn’t really know where I was going!( I used my GPS.) This store is about the size of a Sally’s beauty supply!(Can you tell I’m a Cosmetologist? Lmbo!)
Once inside the building I noticed how neat and organized it was. Even though this store was bigger, it still had that “home”, family feel to it.

If I was on television, when I saw all the things they had, it would have been that big, bright light from above shining as the choir said “aaaahhhhhh”. This store had EVERYTHING that I was looking for and some things I wanted to try as well! I was deeply impressed! I saw my herbs, oils, vitamins, foods, natural hair and skin products, books, FREE magazines, snacks, just everything! So many VEGETARIAN and VEGAN things!!! I was saying to myself;”Finally! A store especially for ME!”

The people were extra friendly as well. I had to ask for a couple of items and just like the Smyrna location, they were more than happy to help! Even though I wanted to buy almost everything in the store, I did not. I had to practice restraint! Lol! I purchased a few items, and tried something new. I got this..
Picture 327
Picture 328

This is Emmy’s Dark Cacao Macaroons! It is Vegan, and Raw. It was only 50 calories per serving(which had 4 tiny pieces), but it was sooooooo GOOOOOOOD!! OMG! You know if you are a chocolate lover like I am there are only a few items that make you go UMMMM, Ohhh, Ummm! THIS made me go “UMMMMMMM, WoW,that’s good!” So good that I wanted more, but again, I had to practice restraint!

So, this store(not because of the macaroons), gets a full-fledged FIVE STARS! ***** If you are Vegan, Vegetarian, or Health-Conscious, and are ever in the Tennessee area, come on down to Smyrna, OR Murfreesboro, to the Sunshine Nutrition Centers! I’m sure there will be a friendly, smiling face waiting to greet you too!

#Disclaimer!!#I DO NOT work for anyone that I do a review on! I AM NOT getting paid by anyone! I WILL NOT tell anything less than MY experience!I am doing this as my own version of reporting to the public! Knowledge is POWER.#

I Finally Did It!!!

Hello my beautiful blog family! How have you all been? I really would like to know! I hope all has been well. I have a little announcement to make…
I finally opened up my own online site! Yes! One New Year’s promise down, three to go! I made myself a promise that this year was going to be MY year come h— or high water.(You know what goes there! LMBO)
Now of course, I am a “little fish” in that BIG ocean! I have Big dreams so I plan on working hard to achieve them! My shop is only starting, I have so many things that I want to add to it including Home-made Vegan products, but for right now, I have enough to get the ball rolling!
The name of my online shop is (Of course that’s the name, what else would it be?) I made a video about it on my YouTube channel titled “My Giveaway“. Now I am telling you, my Beautiful Blog Family!
Yes, I am well aware that I am no Junebug Jewelry Designs, Angelica Brigade, or Boabw from etsy! These wonderful ladies are Heavy Hitters! The Executives! I am the Intern with hopes of one day becoming an Executive like them! In cosmetology terms, they are the Master Stylist! Lmbo! Don’t worry, my goal is to go from the Student to the Master by the end of the year! I am too pumped!!
As soon as I find my “niche“, I too want to be published and talked about like the BEAUTIFUL ladies above! In the meantime, I will be working EXTRA hard to take care of my customers!
So, I am inviting you to check out my site!! Don’t forget to share with your family & friends! Let me know what you think! I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I hope I have something for EVERYONE’S eyes! 😉

Happy Herbivore Abroad Review-Day 15(yesterday)Cajun Stuffed Mushrooms

Hello my beautiful blog family! How have you all been? I am doing well. I started(second time doing this!) my Turbo Fire again and I am finally back to being sleepy on TIME! Lmbo! Anyway, here is the last recipe review of the book Happy Herbivore Abroad by Lindsay S. Nixon. I chose this one.

Picture 324
Picture 325
Picture 326

The Cajun stuffed mushrooms are from the good ‘ol USA! It is 12 calories, and can be made in 15 minutes! I followed the directions for these appetizers and I guess I am a bit “heavy-handed”. Although the recipe itself was good, I kept ripping my mushrooms trying to stuff them! 😦 Yeah, I know. I got so frustrated that I wound up cutting it up and putting it in a wrap! I think you can put anything in a wrap and it still taste good! LMBO! This recipe gets four stars. ****

Well, that’s it for this book review! Did you manage to get the book yourself and try any recipes? You HAVE to let me know! I hope I encouraged you to want to try more delicious foods that may be a little “out of your comfort zone” but fun to try! Here are a few of my other books you may want to try as well!

Picture 031-my cookbooks

I did a book review on “The Vegan Comfort Foods” book a few months back. Those recipes were tasty as well! What did I think of this book? I LOVED IT!!! The stories were fun, the pictures were great!(because we ALL know that I don’t like cookbooks without pictures!)The food was unique and I enjoyed trying out new recipes,ESPECIALLY from around the world! Five stars ***** to the author for coming up with this brilliant idea and putting it into an incredible book! I will continue to make many more recipes from all of these fabulous books! If YOU purchased this “Happy Herbivore Abroad” book, let me know what YOU thought about it! 😉

Happy Herbivore Abroad Review-Day 14 German Lentil Soup

Hello my beautiful blog family! How are you? Almost the last day for this book review. Has any of the recipes I’ve shown so far make you want to try new foods? I hope so because that is exactly why I do book reviews,to expand our horizons! LMBO! This is what I picked for day 14 (and you probably know why from day 13 & 12).

Happy H-day 14 recipe
Happy H-day 14 cal
Happy H-day 14 look

German Lentil Soup on p.14. It is from Germany(of course), and is 315 calories! It can be made in 40 minutes. In mine I added peppers and onions(yes, I do use that a lot lol!) I did not put in the carrots. My result?

Happy H-day 14 result

Sort of blah! I don’t think it would have changed much had I used the carrots. Maybe more potatoes? I don’t know but I myself wanted to add a little Spanish rice in there to spice it up a bit! What do you think? It was alright though. Just “alright”. So, three stars it is! *** What do YOU like in your lentil soup? 😉

Happy Herbivore Abroad Review-Day 13 Lentil loaf

Hello my beautiful blog family! How are you doing today? I hope you are happy to be here! This is what I picked for day 13.
Happy H-day 13
Happy H -day 13 cal
Happy H-day 13 pic

The lentil loaf on p.257 from the good ‘ol USA! It is 143 calories and can be made in 40 minutes. This is how mine came out.
Happy H-day 13 lentil loaf

The result? Ummm,ummm good! Five-Stars! ***** I made this along with sweet potatoes and corn on the cob.
Happy H-day 13 result

Yet another hearty,filling meal on a cold winter’s night! I told you you can do wonders with lentils! So I’ve learned that lentils can be used in multiple dishes, that instant oats can be used in dinner as well as breakfast, and that black beans can be used in desserts as well! Man, this Vegan thing isn’t half bad after all! Why did I wait this long? 😉

Happy Herbivore Abroad Review-Day 12 Lentil taco “meat”

Hello my beautiful blog family! I know you have been going out to purchase this wonderful book of recipes from abroad! I would love to know if you have been cooking up a storm!
I have decided to only go to day 15 instead of 30. Why? Well, some of the recipes are made for 1-2 people and some are not complete meals(which I mentioned in the beginning). Anyway, I have been using other books for recipes and I just feel that doing a whole 30 days would be rather monotonous since I have done it before in my past posts. I feel that I have to get back to writing on other subjects like I did when I first started to blog. No, don’t be sad, or “un” follow! Lol! I will still have random recipes from my other Vegan books, I’m just going to post more of a variety of things this year so that no one gets “bored”.

With that being said, let me get to day 12! I picked this.
HH-day 12 recipe
HH-day 12 cal
HH-day 12 pic

Lentil “meat” on p.43 is from Mexico. It has 137 calories and is ready in no time when you already have the lentils done.(Like I did, I made a pot of lentils the day before and used it in 3 recipes! yes, one pot, 3 recipes!) Anyway, let’s get back to this one. I used diced tomatoes instead of ketchup. I used Tamari instead of soy sauce, and I added peppers,onions and mushrooms. I had my favorite spinach leaves, and my Daiya! The result?

HH-day 12 added mush,pepper,onion,spinach

Five-Stars! ***** A great hearty meal by itself, or with rice, or with tortilla chips! This was very good! Do you have any favorite recipes using lentils? Let’s hear it! 😉