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It’s over between the “king” and I!

Hello my beautiful blog family! I hope you all are well! I have some news for all of the Vegans out there who have been trying to enjoy “healthy” drinks. I found out a half truth!!!

The “king” has been telling a half truth and I didn’t know it!(Nobody posted it to tell me either). I’m not talking about Elvis! No, not M.J. No, not Burger either! I’m talking about this particular “king” that I had been seeing on and off for about two and a half months now. It’s SMOOTHIE!!!! Boooo hoooo, hoooo hoooo!

I went on my lunch break to get a “slim blueberry” to go with my lunch. There was a new girl there and as usual, it was taking a while for her to get the ingredients together. First thing I saw wrong was the fact that I hadn’t noticed before the “syrup/juices” instead of fresh fruit. But, come on, it’s the dead of winter and I figured it would be o.k. Then I saw IT!! The new girl showed me the jar of soy protein for the drink!

I was so upset! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I just could not believe it! I guess you can’t trust ANYBODY with your food OR drink anymore!

The soy protein….

it had…….

it had……

EGGS!!!!! *screaming in a high pitch voice and falling to the floor*

Yep, I have been bamboozled, hoodwinked, lead astray! Oh the HUMANITY!!!

O.k. so maybe I did go a bit overboard. I just thought that I found a great,healthy way to have my smoothie on the days that I didn’t feel like(or forgot) to make my own! I just thought that little old Tennessee could come around and be as health conscious as Cali. I just thought that I was doing the right thing here! That’s what I get for thinking I guess. :/

I tried her recipe and it was GOOD!

Hello My beautiful blog family! Before Christmas I followed one of my favorite YouTubers in her quest to “Veganize” the McDonald’s menu! I follow “TheSweetestVegan” on YouTube and Twitter. I love her personality on camera, and I love her “Vegan” versions of food just like I love “The Vegan Zombie-Zombiegate”. Anyway, I actually tried two of her recipes, I tried the “apple pie”. It was so easy to make! I liked the way it came out. So crispy and flaky. I just wish I would have remembered to take pictures BEFORE I ate them all! LMBO!

I also tried the “Vegan Big Mac”, only mine was not so big! I didn’t want to try to fit two Portobello Mushroom caps in my mouth, so I opted for one, and used the bread that I had.

Picture 278

My “special sauce” was spicy brown mustard, I had the chopped onions,pickles, and instead of lettuce, my favorite spinach leaves. I also had a slice of Vegan cheese. I had my tortilla chips, as well as my homemade smoothie.

Picture 279

Thanks Sweetest Vegan! 🙂

Who would have ever thought that I would really enjoy cooking? Not only cooking, but becoming a Vegan cook? I can really see myself continuing this “re-invention” for the long haul! My name IS my lifestyle and has been for sometime now! NATURALEE HAPPEE! All natural, always happpy, all the time! 😉

Happy Saturday!

Hello my beautiful blog family! How have you been? I hope great! I am currently working on so many things that I have been “backed up” on my blogging here. I know, I know, a fine way to treat your friends right? :/ Please accept my apologies!

I have opened up another blog! Yes, another blog. This blog is specifically for …”educational?” purposes. My new blog is for the relaxed hair, natural hair,curly hair,loc’d hair,short,long,weaved hair divas out there who have questions on hair. It is also for the ones who have bi-racial, or thick hair children! 😉 The name of the blog is Naturaleehappeehair. Yes that’s right, right here on WordPress! I have only gotten to a couple of posts,(my computer has been throwing temper tantrums)but my goal is to have a question and answer forum. I will also have pictures of styling ideas, videos, interviews, and all things concerning hair,ESPECIALLY NATURAL hair! I have a few papers with ideas, but I would rather get a few questions and compose it into blog answers. I am also in the “shop” part-time now so I will be blogging about problems/successes that I run into there as well. If you are interested, or you have any friends/family members who may be interested, PLEASE “share” this blog and meet me at my NEW blog, . My YouTube channels are suitelady90 and naturaleehappee. My Twitter is Naturaleehappee as well! (There is really no telling what I will say on Twitter, It’s COMPLETELY Random! Lmbo!)

Next Subject..

Guess what? I hope you all are ready! In January, I am starting my 30 days of 30 meals from the “Happy Herbivore abroad” book by the wonderful Lindsay S. Nixon! I am also super excited about starting another round of my Turbo Fire. This time I made a hybrid of my own,especially for me! I’m not sure if I want to blog that, OR document it on video. Hmmmmmm! 🙂

My NEW book!

Hello my beautiful blog family! I hope all is well! I mentioned before that I have been working on a few projects and one is finally “in the works” so to speak.

I have made my new business cards and am patiently waiting for them to arrive! For a second part-time job, I am going back to my “old” love of being a hair stylist! I know it does not sound glamorous to some, but to me, it’s what I have always loved, healthy hair. My preference is to be a “natural” hair stylist and teach all women that you can be beautiful with your hair that GOD gave you. Some women think that the only way to be beautiful is to be like the women in the media, books, and magazines. I think that hair HEALTH is just as important as your bodily health. I think that beauty comes in ALL shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, and should be emphasized as such. I also think good self-esteem trumps over anyone seen in the media today!

Speaking of being healthy on the inside as well as the outside, I just purchased a new cookbook! I saw three more that I want, but for now,this one was my choice.

Picture 277

YeaaaaaY!! I got the “Happy Herbivore Abroad” by Lindsay S. Nixon. I have just “thumbed” through it so far but I think it will be a good read! One thing that I love is when you include PICTURES with the recipes! I need to know that what I’m making looks remotely close to how the food is supposed to look! Lmbo! If I find a cookbook with no pictures,or five pictures in the middle, I put it right back on the shelf! I need pictures and this book has plenty!! Another reason why I picked it is because I have always wanted to know how different foods taste from around the world. This book has VEGAN recipes from around the WORLD!! #jumping for joy with book in hand!# How cool is that? Way cool!!

I’m actually thinking about starting the New Year with 30 days of recipes from this book. What do you think? Should I give it a go? Let me know. 😉

Found this at my local grocery store!

Hello my beautiful blog family! How have you been? I hope fine. I have been doing a few projects,and making some more improvements. One goal has been to improve on reading labels when shopping ANYWHERE now. I have been doing alright if I say so myself. The other day I found this at my local Kroger grocery store. I was doing flips(on the inside of course!) LMBO!

Picture 275
Picture 276

Do you SEE this??? My first VEGAN chocolate bar!!! At my local grocery store too!! No dairy,no eggs,no nothing! Well, yeah a little sugar but still!!!#spinning in circles of pure delight!#doing the running man and smiling!

Aww, come on ladies! You know there is that time when you want a chocolate bar and this is exactly like it says on the label, a “chocolate dream”!

The only thing is, I’m not sure if this is a “try” item because I only saw one and no container box from where it might have been. I asked the manager and HE wasn’t even sure if more were ordered. So, I purchased it,tasted it, and LOVED IT!!! Two thumbs UP!! The price was $2.73 I think, but I’m not sure. Not something on the everyday list, but for a yummy treat once a month, it may be a new favorite! Do YOU have any favorites that you would like to share? I would like to know! 🙂

My thoughts on what’s happening around the world

I hope my blog family has been in good spirits despite of the recent tragedies. I feel such sadness for EVERYONE who has been through a loss in this year.

I myself have been wrapped up in working,setting goals,chasing dreams and such that I literally had to STOP and re-evaluate what LIFE really is! Life is PRECIOUS!!! Life is IRREPLACEABLE!!! Life is VALUABLE!!! Too often taken for granted that who you see today, you will see tomorrow.

Live everyday as if it’s your last. What once was “just a saying” is now the theme for life. In all the events recently mental illness was to blame. Well, it was not fair! Illness or not,NOBODY should have to go through tragedy like that! “Being at the wrong place at the wrong time” is not a good explanation to me. Mental illness is not a good explanation to me.Conspiracy for gun law passing is not a good explanation to me. HUMAN life is important!! LOVE is important!! GOD is important!!
I feel hurt knowing ANYONE is killed for literally no reason but ESPECIALLY children!! Is this Demon influence? No one person can really say but to me all signs point in that direction.

All I can say is…Make every day count. Love everyday. Take care of each other no matter what creed,color,orientation,religion,or whatever. There are some who think LIFE is not important or worth living. Waking up everyday is a PRIVILEGE! Treat it as such! From Naturaleehappee, Take care my blog family, you are loved! 😉