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How I made my Vegan Lasagna!

Hello my beautiful blog family! This is a rather long blog about how I “tweaked” a lasagna recipe.
The recipe I “tweaked” was from I wanted to add more,so I did!

Preheat oven to 375.
I used all of these items, and added Spinach leaves and Kale.

Heat a little olive oil(2Tsp.) in a skillet and saute’ onions(2 cups chopped) and garlic(1Tbsp.) for about 4 minutes. Transfer into a food processor or “good blender”(I used my Ninja) the Onions,1 handful of Spinach leaves,1 handful of Kale, 1-8oz.pkg.of Vegan Cream Cheese,2Tbsp.of Basil,1/2 cup of Nutritional Yeast, and a sprinkle of pepper. Puree’ until mixture is thick and smooth.

No need to cook Lasagna Noodles ahead of time! It will cook in the oven in the sauce.

In a baking dish(13X9-inch),Spread a little of the Marinara Sauce(you may need 2 jars) on the bottom of the dish. Cover with about 4-5 noodles. Spread a little of your mixture, your thawed Boca crumbles and repeat.(You should have 3 layers). Finish with the final layer of noodles, pour last of the mixture,crumbles,and Marinara.

Top off with Daiya Cheddar.

Bake for 30 minutes. Uncover, and bake for 20 more minutes until top is melted. Remove from oven,and let stand 10 minutes before serving.

Voila! There you have it! My “tweaked” version of Vegan Lasagna! I hope you try it, or let me know of another “version” that you like! 😉

Random Retail Blog

Hello my beautiful blog family! This post has nothing to do with Vegan-ism, food, or recipes. I sometimes have a variety of things I post and this is another one!

Every once in a while I think I have a “public service announcement”, and I speak on it. This time I went so far as to make a video about it. Since I posted with my “video” family, I thought it would be only fair that I post it with my “blog” family as well.

I hope nobody gets offended by this.. It is not meant to be mean OR insulting, Just HONEST!

How I made my Cranberry Sauce

Hello my BEAUTIFUL blog family! I am sharing with you how I made my recipe the other day. As said in the video I made my Cranberry Sauce from the Vegan Yum Yum book by Lauren Ulm. In her recipe she had: 1 Bag of Fresh Cranberries
1 cup of orange juice
1/2 cup of water
1 cup of sugar
I put all ingredients in a pot and let it cook for 10 minutes until it thickened. I stirred a lot
to keep it from sticking. After the 10 minutes I let it cool for a little while and sprayed my
tins with a little olive oil spray. I poured the sauce into the tins and let it chill in the fridge all day. The only bad part the time it was time to eat, the molds did not set and
I had to scoop the sauce on the plate. The mold didn’t set, but the food was still great!

If you would like to know any more recipes of anything that I have tried in the past or recently, just leave me a message and I will be glad to post it. How was YOUR Thanksgiving this past Thursday? Thanks for reading! 😉

My First 100% VEGAN Holiday Dinner!

Hello My BEAUTIFUL blog family! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday today! Now before I get started this blog article may indeed “run some of you away”, and that’s alright with me. Just keep the negativity and the bad comments with you. For all the other ones who stay, here is my first article of my dinner. The next one will be full details of what I made and the ingredients!

After a few days of gathering information on web sites and my cookbooks that I already had, I made a “hybrid” formulation and made my own recipe(which I have to admit came out pretty good!)

Instead of making two really long blog post, I decided to make a LIVE video of the “honest to goodness” reactions of what I made. I hope you enjoy! (oh, and excuse the loud talking, sometimes I’m not aware of the mic on my camera! Lmbo!) Keep in mind also, that I already have two YouTube channels so video is only new to my blog family. 🙂 Thanks!

Introducing…my family!

My order is here!

Hello my beautiful blog family! I hope you all are having a great weekend! My weekend is much better now that my book is here. I came home from work to find my package waiting for me. I first saw this book at my local library. I loved it so much that I ordered my very own copy from Amazon. Here it is…

The title is right on point! This book(to a newbie) is like a guide(bible) to every thing you ever wanted to know about being Vegan. I am glad that I have my own copy.(I LOVE books!) If anyone has another guide-book that I should look into, please feel free to let me know! 🙂 I also would like to know of any great cookbooks as well. I already have these:

I used these books for my “Experimental Wednesdays” in my July blogs. If you know of any more great cookbooks with great tasting Vegan recipes, let me know and I will check into those as well.

Now I have a question to ask. This is about to be a T.M.I.(too much information) incident so if you get grossed out easily you can stop reading right now. Lol!

O.K. for the ones who have decided to read on. Today at work I got really sleepy around my last 3 hour stretch. I decided to visit the local coffee place by our store. I politely asked the lady at the counter what item she had without milk in it. She told me the only thing she had was a Hazelnut drink with Soy cream. I said “o.k. then let me have a small Hazelnut please”. The drink was yummy and I perked right up! And then….

As soon as we closed our doors at work I felt a rumble, a bubble, and a gullup-gullup! I said “uh-ohhhhh!” I ran to the bathroom like the road-runner! I had a belt on my pants and almost cried because for some odd reason at that very moment, I could’nt get it off!! When I finally got my belt off and sat down it was the WORST NIGHTMARE EVER!!!!!

Yep! That horrible thing that NOBODY wants to do at work! ESPECIALLY at WORK! All I could think of was someone going to the bathroom behind me! So you know what I did?

I cleaned the whole bathroom! LMBO! I cleaned the sink with Lysol, the Toilet with cleaner, and the floor with Pine-Sol! Nobody went to the bathroom and I was safe with my secret for the night! Hahahaha!

So what’s the question is what you are thinking now huh? Has anyone else had a “sensitive stomach” after doing their Vegan switch? Or, do you think the lady at the counter lied to me? Better yet, am I now allergic to caffeine? What do YOU think? 😉

Vegan Challenge-Day 30 & The End?

Yippppeeeeee! Hello my BEAUTIFUL blog family! I made it,I made it,I made it!!!
I had a bumpy ride. I made lots of trips to the grocery. I was confused for a minute. But I still kept going! I was dedicated to blogging my journey(even when I knew I was sleepy). I am proud of myself for putting my mind to it, and seeing it to the end. Yeay me! 🙂 Before I go any further let me post my line-up for today.


I found out that I don’t like Quinoa as a hot cereal. I added a little of my Coconut-Almond milk, some sugar,and cinnamon. I still did not like the taste. I saw on the box that you can use the flakes in muffins and breads. If anyone has a tasty recipe for me to try the flakes in I would be very appreciative!

Lunch at work:

I had my leftover Bean Enchilada from last night, and a smoothie from Smoothie King. (I write down the ingredients from the menu so I can try it myself!) This one was called Pomegranate Punch. It had Blueberry,Apple,Banana,and Soy Protein, It was really good and refreshing!

Dinner after work:

I had a nice, hot bowl of Oriental noodles with Tofu and Oriental vegetables.I ran out of my favorite Spring rolls but that’s o.k. it was still good on this cold, frosty night.

There it is! My last blog of my 30 Day Vegan Challenge! The good news is..
I lost 5 pounds! It could have been more but who’s complaining? I met wonderful people here in blog-land. I read some great books. I found great YouTube channels. I even started following more Vegans on Twitter!(Alicia Silverstone is my favorite!)I found a Vegan online store, and ordered more books from Amazon. I’d say I had a AWESOME 30 days!

The result? Well, after being Vegetarian for over 9 years.(I started out Lacto-Ovo, then Lacto, then I went to no dairy at all.)I’ve decided to…



my learning experience…


Yeaaa! New VEGAN here bay bayyyyyyy!!! *clapping very loudly and laughing hysterically*

I know it will be an experience that I will have to tweak as I go. My goal is to go from good, to better, to best but I had to take the experiment first! Since I was already Vegetarian, it wasn’t really that big of a leap! For the upcoming year, I plan on minimizing my can goods, minimizing that microwave usage, planning more meals ahead of time,cleaning out my closet of non-vegan fabrics, and reducing my need to run to the grocery store every third day! Lmbo! I want to have half and half! Meaning, I have more cooked foods in the Fall and Winter months, and more raw foods in the Spring and Summer months.(This will require a few more cookbooks, any suggestions?)

Well, Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments, checking out my past blogs of my Vegetarian Friday meals, and cheering me on with the like button! I have enjoyed myself a lot! What do you think? Any thoughts,comments, or questions?

Hey,I will continue making blogs so don’t go anywhere! As a matter of fact, I am working on a little something,something as we speak. 😉

Vegan Challenge-Day 29!

Hello my BEAUTIFUL blog family! I am so happy that you decided to join me in my journey. This is the line-up for today!
As usual, by the time I got home from errands it was more like lunch, so we will call this

All the ingredients for pancakes!

Hmmm. What could this be?

Ingredients for…

Tofu Scramble!

Yummy, hot, and fluffy Wheat Pancakes with Tofu scramble. The hearty brunch!


Ingredients for..

Hot Roasted Potatoes..


Yes! You guessed it! For dinner I made hot,Roasted Potatoes and Bean Enchiladas! My glasses of water was in there as well. I’m telling you, both of these meals were so filling that I have not been hungry at all! I love eating filling meals on a cold and rainy day like it was today. What is YOUR favorite meal to make when it’s cold outside? I’d like to know! 😉