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Vegan Challenge-Day 16

Hello Family! Thank you for joining me in my challenge. This is the line-up (and review) for today!

Flax Flakes and Coconut-Almond milk.

After breakfast I had a package waiting for me in my mail from yesterday! It was this.

The funny thing is..I just ordered from http://www.VeganStore.Com on Friday. It was waiting yesterday! That is the fastest delivery EVER! I even got a Thank-You on my order form from Pangea Vegan Products located in Rockville,MD. I only ordered 3 things but it was still fun to get a package.

I got my “Go Vegan” bumper sticker, some Nutritional Yeast, and a Multi-Vitamin with Iron. See, nothing big. That service was speedy though you have to admit!

Now before work/Lunch:

I had two spring rolls and my smoothie. In the smoothie was Coconut-Almond milk,Sun Warrior,Frozen Mangos,1Tbsp.Wheat Germ,1Tbsp.Flax Seeds,2handfuls of Spinach, a banana,and ice cubes. Delicious!

When I got home from work/Dinner:

I had a Lightlife Mushroom burger with spicy brown mustard,Spinach leaves,and BBQ Sauce.(No, no honey was in the sauce.) I also had a baked/microwaved potato(I know bad me,yucky microwave!) and a tall cup of ice water. You know I have been slacking on my water intake! I need to correct that and correct it quick! What do YOU like on your Veggie Burgers? 😉

Vegan Challenge-Day 15 (Please don’t try this at home)

Today was probably the worst day EVER! You may not believe this but I literally had so much going on that I did not eat ALL DAY! Yep, too busy to EAT! Have you ever been too busy to eat? The sad part is..this isn’t the first time that I have done this,just not eaten all day! Today,this is what happened.

I woke up late from being up late last night. I was off of work today too so I got my rest in. I skipped breakfast to run errands and had planned on being home for lunch. That was so FAR from what actually happened today!

I was driving down the road when my car stopped(again). My fuel gauge is broken and it is hard to determine anything so when it says it has gas it could be empty and when it says zero, I have a full tank! Anyway, my car stopped. I was so happy that it wasn’t raining like it was yesterday! Anyway, I turned on my hazard lights,locked the door,and got my gas can out of the trunk. (I told you this was not the first time this has happened, and that’s just this month!) As I walked down the road with my gas can in hand this guy pulled up and asked if he could help because he saw what happened. I paused and said that I was going to the gas station and he said he could give me a lift. I thanked him for his help. We went to the gas station and I filled up my can with the gas. He took me back to my car and said he would wait to see if my car started. (At this time it was around 12:30 noon lunch time.) When I poured the gas into my car I saw that he had gotten out of his car. I chatted and thanked him again for his help. I told him that not everyone is nice enough to help people in need. He nodded. I took out about $4.00 to pay him for the ride and he refused saying it was no problem. At this time I put the gas can into my trunk and had gotten into the car on the driver side. He was hanging on my window on the passenger side telling me to try to start it now. I did. The car started and I said, Yes! I was hoping that the problem was just gas and nothing more. I thanked him again. At this time he was still on my window and said “Hey, can I ask you a question?” He had his hand in his pocket and that was when I got a “bad” feeling. I said “Yes?” It was then that I knew my “spidey senses” were right! He says, “Let me see your tits right now!” I looked shocked and paused. I said “I don’t THINK so!” I rolled up my window and he stepped back and I drove away! Needless to say I was scared as H—! All I could do is imagine what COULD have happened on the side of the road even in the broad of afternoon! I was shaken up and did not really calm down until I returned home that evening. I still ran my errands,(without eating) how could I? I took the car for a oil change and fluid check is all I had the money to do. The gauge will be too pricey on that older model car.

For dinner I fixed the quickest thing I could and ate it. I know, it’s bad but that’s what happened. I made this.

I put all these ingredients on top of tortilla chips.

Yea, so that’ all I had for today. Not the best, but it is what it is.

After I ate dinner one of my close friends came over so that I could do her hair for her. I told her the whole story and her mouth dropped completely open! We both came to the conclusion that if the guy really wanted to do something I would not have made it to the gas station or back to the car. She said he was just “weird”. She agreed that she would have been shaken up as well if that happened to her. We changed the subject and talked on everything from YouTube,to hair,to the storm. I’m just glad I’m alive. (Once again!) Praises to THE BIG MAN up above! 😉

Vegan Challenge-Day 14 (Did I Cheat?)

Hello Family! Thank you for joining me on my 30 Day Journey! This is the line-up for today. I hope what I did isn’t considered cheating because I thought I made the right pick. Here it goes.

Oatmeal with Cinnamon,Raisins,and Coconut-Almond milk.


Two Lite Life “hot dogs” with spicy brown mustard, and my Sun Warrior,Silk Soy milk,Banana,Strawberries,Wheat Germ,Flax Seeds,and 7 ice cubes smoothie.


Went to my favorite restaurant;Moe’s Southwestern Grill (Love their Tofu!). I had what’s called a Close Talker. I had the edible Tortilla Bowl,Romaine Lettuce,Black Beans,Black Olives,Tofu,and Salsa. It was delicious! I also had a bottled water.

Attempted to make something from this book again.

Followed ALL of the directions step by step!

STILL came out wrong! I know,I know,I didn’t need it anyway. I ate it and it was good. Just flat as a pancake! LMBO! So, was dinner out acceptable? Hmmm. 😉

Pure Randomness :)

Today I turned on my phone and on my Twitter was this video posted by Vegancook101. If you want me to follow YOU, leave your twitter name below. Mine is Naturaleehappee! This video to me was funny and cool! What do you think?

Another thing I wanted to share was this. The other day I went to look for a cute case for my phone. Well, after going to two stores, I could not find a case that I liked. I opted to have a purple case with white squiggly lines on the back. When I got home, I sat at my craft table and picked up my glitter glue and some sticker stones and made this!

Now THIS is the girly phone case that I had in mind! Lmbo! In my favorite color as well! (Yes, I still have an Android and don’t plan on upgrading anytime soon!)

O.K. enough visiting my friends for now, I have READING to do! It’s my OFF day! Yeaaaa! 😉

Vegan Challenge-Day 13 and I need HELP!

Hello Family! I will share my menu for today and ask for some of the”Vegan Veterans” help.

This is what I was supposed to have but when I went to pour my milk, it looked sour even though the date was good! I tossed it anyway and wound up having this on my drive to work.

Sun Warrior,Flax Seeds,Wheat Germ,Banana, and a fresh container of Coconut-Almond milk from the store for my shake.

My lunch break:

Almond Butter and Jam sandwich,Salt & Pepper chips,and a box of raisins.

When I got home, dinner:

Basically a Falafel ball salad! It had Falafel balls,Spinach leaves,Tomatoes,Daiya Mozerella,and dressing. I have to was “weird” but I ate it. You know what? It was kind of good! I also had my big cup of water and the rest of my frozen treat from yesterday.

Now for my problem! I have been throwing away more food than I am eating! O.K. not more, but it seems like a lot to me! I don’t want to and can’t go to the grocery store EVERY day so how do you keep what you need without it spoiling and turning rotten? I have even tried the “making a menu” thing and the same thing happens. Food goes bad before I can make it. What is the trick, the secret, what am I NOT doing? Like I said, I don’t have the means to go to the store every single day so what do you suggest? Any help would be nice right about now. I am on my second bag of Spinach leaves and my carrots as well as my celery is tossed! Please help! Did anyone else have this problem their fist time? 😦

Vegan Challenge-Day 12

Hello Family! I am soooo happy to have all of you old AND new followers of my Blog! Thank you so much! My BIG extended family is YOU!
This is my menu for today(Friday,October 26th 2012).

Multi-grain cereal,Rice milk,and banana.

Lunch: (I was supposed to be off from work but someone didn’t show so I went to work. This is what I ate at our food court.) Yes, I work in the mall. Lol!

I had a Falafel,Hummus,Cucumber,Black olive,Lettuce,and Tomato wrap from Great Wraps,and a Power Punch Plus smoothie from Smoothie King! It was good! Yes, I asked for the Soy Protein in my fruit smoothie!


I made this before I went to work and ate it when I got home. It was 3peppers and onion blend,Seitan,Whole Wheat Penne Rigate with Marinara sauce and Itallian seasoning. Simply delicious! I had my large cup of water and I found this at my local grocery so I decided to try it!


Check out the label at the bottom right corner!

Yes! This velvety smooth,chocolate delight was 100% Vegan! I was so delighted and you know what? It was HEAVENLY!!!! That may have been the best tasting frozen desert I have had so far! Do you have a favorite dessert? What is it and who makes it? Let us know! 😉

Vegan Challenge-Day 11

Hello Family! How is everyone doing tonight? I am feeling better and I think my back is doing what it needs to do…HEAL! Lol! Here is my menu for today.
Breakfast(fast and simple)

Multi-grain cereal,banana,flax seeds this time,and my rice milk.

What I took to work(light snack as I ran out of the door!)

My sandwich was Hummus and Spinach leaves. I had my usual shake of Coconut-Almond milk,spinach,banana,and wheat germ.( I always keep a couple of mini boxes of raisins in my purse for hunger emergencies but I didn’t eat them today.)

Dinner after work.
Now before I show you this I KNOW you are going to ask this so let me tell you before you ask! You are going to say:”Ummm, what happened to your two day pot of chili?” Well, here it is in one word…TEENAGERS! Yep, I guess when the only person who grocery shops is Vegetarian/Vegan,you eat what’s in the fridge! LMBO! With that being said this is what I had when I got home from work.

Leftover Vegetable Stir Fry with Veg Chicken strips and two Spring rolls. It was good and I enjoyed it. 😉