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To ALL my Fruit Slushy/Smoothie makers!

I have a new addiction! No, not making YouTube videos. No, not making more handmade jewelry and soaps. OK. Those are my addictions too, but I’m talking about my NEW one for now. LMBO! I’m making fruit drinks almost every other day now!

I usually make either Banana,Vanilla Sun Warrior,Spinach,and Choc.Almond milk. Or, Strawberries,Banana,Mango with ice and a half-gallon of bottled water. Lately I’ve been experimenting with Spinach or Kale, various fruits, Goji Berries,and water with ice cubes.

Now, I have tried the “add juice” thing, but I think it has too much sugar in it. I also tried the “add Agave” to the drink. I still think it may add too much sugar if you are making this for health reasons(or because you like them! ;))

Now, the question that I have for all the “pros” out there is this…If I use frozen fruit instead of fresh fruit, will my drinks be “less” healthy? I was just wondering about this as I make my drink for today to go along with my sandwich for work.

I know we are officially in the “fall” category of seasons now. I still enjoy having my fruit drinks and would like to continue it even in the fall months. Where I live, we have cold and winter months so having “farm fresh” is not something we can have year round.(not to mention too costly). What do YOU think? Can frozen be just as good as fresh, or does the packing “lessen” the health side of it? I’m anxious to hear what YOU think! 🙂

I actually WON FREE makeup! Yes, FREE!!

Now before I tell this story let me start by saying that I DO NOT work for, have relatives in, or any affiliation with this company. NONE! I also am not of pure loyalty. I love makeup! All kinds of makeup! I love the high end as well as the drugstore brands! If it’s pretty, and will not give me allergic reactions, I will BUY!

Last month the company BLACK Opal Beauty had a twitter contest. They asked the question How do you SPARKLE? It was a promo question based off the hit movie SPARKLE that Whitney Houston played in prior to her death. The question wanted you to decide if you would call yourself a Goddess, a Siren, or a Ingenue. Well, seeing as I would never put myself(or anyone else) in GOD’s place, and I cannot sing worth a dime for a Siren, I chose the innocent, young Ingenue! I tweeted my response and thought nothing more of it.

On the 26th of last month I was surprised to have a direct tweet from the crew of Black Opal cosmetics saying that I had won! I was randomly selected and I would be receiving a cosmetic gift basket in order for me to “SPARKLE pretty”!

My package made it here a couple of days ago and this is what I received!

I am so grateful and feel so blessed for receiving these products! Especially since most if not all of the eye makeup is for sensitive skin and is hypo-allergenic! My eyes are probably the most sensitive on the planet! I say “Thank-You” to the good people of Black Opal Beauty! 😉

My find at the food court!

Working in retail is not an easy job! Sure from the outside looking in it seems pretty easy, but no one really pays attention to the long hours standing or walking, the limited lunch time,or the re-organizing of shelves and items(especially for holidays!)

With that being said, I try to remember my lunch(or at least my fruit smoothie)every day. The food at the food court is not “ideal” for non-meat eaters unless it is a salad. On this particular day, I forgot my lunch and was more concerned with the high prices than I was about the food availability!

As I walked through the food court (at a rapid pace) I was stopped by the person who stands out with the tray offering samples. I always smile and say no and walk away but this particular time I called myself being a “smart alec” because she walked in front of my rapid moving. I asked her, “Do you have anything WITHOUT meat?” Smiling very brightly ready for her to reply with a no, she said the opposite! “We have a Hummus and Falafel Wrap!” It was like music to my ears!

I said “what?” So I walked around her and looked at the menu. There it was big as day, Hummus and Falafel wrap!

The place was called Great Wraps! The wrap I had was filled with Falafel, Hummus, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Tomatoes, (some weird tangy salad dressing),and I added black olives! It also came with onions but with me having three hours of work left, and one piece of gum, I said no onions!

Now don’t get me wrong, it still ran me almost $6.00 for just that and chips, but it sure was GOOD! Even with the weird sauce! I still plan on bringing my lunch to work, but if there is ever a time that I forget(hopefully not TOO often), I will be sure to visit this place again!
I guess the pushy tray girl was not too bad after all, and I need to stop being a “smart a–” too! ;/

Vegetarian Recipe of the Day-Chili with Seitan

Chili is by far the hearty and quick thing to prepare no matter what season it happens to be! My favorite is with my dark red & light red kidney beans,tomatoes & chiles in a can,black beans,onion & peppers mix,Seitan,garlic,chili powder,red peppers seasoning,and pepper.

You can even add brown rice to make it more filling! This time I did not add the rice.

On the side? Either crackers,corn bread,or whatever you like!

The leftover the next day can be placed on top of your veggie hotdogs! What do YOU like to have with your chili? Do you have certain seasonings you like? C’mon! Do tell! 😉