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Would you write the Company about this?

OK. So I watch the local news daily. Every once in a while there is a story on someone who had something “off” in their food packages. One person found a human nail!(ugh!) Another found a needle(yeow!), and then another found a band-aid(yuck!) So, it is not an unusual story to hear.

The other day I was making my usual hot “Sunday Breakfast” when I came across something myself!

Yes! So Gross! Right out of the package of frozen hash browns! My first thought was what the h—? Then I thought “what was it a hungry employee?” Needless to say I immediately threw it away! Now, I did not throw out the entire pack(that’s money AND food)but I was upset at finding this. For this to happen to me is not unusual either! No not the bite thing, but finding things in my packages that don’t belong just like the people on the news. I too have had everything from a strand of hair that was CLEARLY not my color! To so much as a foreign looking object that resembled a rock! This is by far the worst that I have found so far!

What would you do? Would you have called the local news? Wrote to the company? Demanded an apology? Let me know, I am anxious to find out! 😉

Vegetarian Recipe of the Day-Sloppy J.

When I was a child I can remember eating the wonderful “Sloppy Joe”. It was nothing really special about it, it was just good! Well, now that I am a Veg-a-tarian(I travel between Vegetarian & Vegan menus). I still eat this comfort food,only in MY version!

Saute’ the onion and peppers mix in a pan with a cap full of olive oil. When it warms,add your veggie ground, season to your liking and add two tablespoons of yummy BBQ sauce! It should look like this..

Feel free to add whatever side you like! It could be baked potato,asparagus,fried green tomatoes,tater-tots, just whatever you like!

If you’d like to share YOUR favorite recipe, feel free to go right ahead! This is EATING! 😉

Good Friends Are Hard To Find!

Throughout my lifetime I have had friends of various ages,backgrounds,lifestyles,and cultures come and go. I wind up missing the way things “used to be” when they finally lose contact due to new jobs,families,relocating,etc. One thing is always certain though..

God really does put certain people in your life at certain times when you need them the most! Now, don’t get it mixed up! I’m not referring to that “special someone” in your life. I think the same rule applies to those situations as well! But this time I am referring to that “true friend” who you know you call on when stresses come your way! THOSE are the ones who are “priceless“. Some of you men may have that one friend you grew up with playing on a sports team,some of you ladies had someone you grew up with at your slumber parties. Some may call on an older or younger sibling, some on a Grand-Parent or relative. It doesn’t matter WHO it is, the point is that GOOD people are hard to find and good FRIENDS are even harder to find AND keep!

I thank God for the people who I once knew, the people who I know now, and for the people who I know HE will send my way in the future! As a matter of fact, when I say my prayers I specifically say:”Please only send Good people our way and never the bad,mean-spirited ones!” Sometimes a mean-spirited person does indeed cross my path, but with God’s help, they NEVER stay in my path and for that, I am truly grateful!

If you can,take the time to reflect on what you have now instead of the things you don’t have! If you know like I do, the order of things always has and does change so praise today! Tomorrow is not promised to anyone! To my new friends especially, Thank you my friends, for BEING GOOD PEOPLE, and BEING GOOD FRIENDS! 🙂

Would you join this club?

I need to create a club! The late night bloggers club! LoL! Well, I guess I can’t just say blogging only because I do random things but it is still during the wee hours on the night.

I can remember in my teens and early twenties when I stayed up late watching movies all night. Then, in my mid-twenties I was the “had to clean and bleach the whole house at midnight” woman. That surely lasted until my late twenties to early thirties!

Now it’s the late night reading/blogging,YouTube watching/making/commenting era! I know you want to say but why? Why in the world do you stay up late when you should be sleeping? Hmmm. Is it just in my nature by now? Is it because especially on the weekends I tend to “crash nap” during the day and it puts me “off” for the night? Is it because I’m just insane(you know,kookoo for cocoa puffs)?Hahaha,Well, maybe it’s just a little of all three! That and the fact that when you are with yourself, you tend to do whatever you want, WHENEVER you want! I guess old habits do die-hard!

Don’t worry, no matter when I finally do call it a night, I still get my 6-8 hours in. I still “crash-nap” when I can. I still exercise. I just don’t do those things when the Average person does them! Is that so wrong? Who else has this problem? Anybody? I know you do! 🙂

A Couple Of My Vegetarian Favorite Foods!

This is a couple of my “fast-food” recipes that I have posted before. Check out my May 5th post as well as my May 11th post and feel free to share!
I am posting these again for those who would like a “re-cap”. I sort of have these at least once a month, if not more!

Vegetarian taco night! Always a winner,especially when you substitute lettuce for spinach leaves and use shreds instead of cheese! Mmmmm. Just too good to pass up isn’t it? Next…

Yes! Nachos with chopped up smart strips,taco seasoning,onion and peppers cooked in the pan first, and refried beans on top! Well, it’s not so “veggie” when I put the store-bought real cheese melt on it,but it was still very tasty,and yes,I cheated even more by mixing my tortilla chips with some Doritos! LMBO! Oh well!

Awww, come on! Instead of shaking your head, why not share? What are your favorite vegetarian or vegan “fast foods”? On those rainy nights, those nights you get in late from work? The lazy days? Do tell, I would like to know! 🙂

A Great Fruit Slushy!

This slushy/smoothie recipe is incredibly simple and incredibly tasty! Here are your ingredients:

As with anything, you can tailor it according to your needs. I used a half a bag of blueberries, two cups of low sugar apple juice, and to make it more slushy add more ice. The blender should be on chop instead of blend. Less ice and blend will make it smoothie!

A yummy, cool, fruity treat on those hot and humid days. It’s also good after a workout, just add a few spinach leaves when blending! Enjoy!:)

Am I Waldo?

I have been missing in action lately. Why? Well, for one, I have been re-making the recipes that I had in the past months. The second is…well… I have not had a lot of requests, comments, questions, or anything like that.:( I am VERY appreciative for the ones who have stopped by for my Experimental Wednesday Recipes in July. I am appreciative for the ones who have stopped by for my Vegetarian Fridays on the months before. Thank you! Thank you Very much! I’m just wondering who is out there?

I know some say it takes a year or more to obtain a “participating” audience, but I thought that I would have had questions to answer, or request for recipes by now. I know what you are thinking, I am not a “Gloomy Gus”. I know I have to put in my time like everyone else and “see” what happens. Still, I feel like I have a factory of knowledge and no class to teach. Lol!

My main subjects are handmade jewelry(store coming soon!),makeup,natural chemical-free hair,and of course Vegetarian-Vegan food/recipes. Next month I will be choosing another book from my collection for review.

I also will be starting a new fitness routine since I have completed my 90 days of Turbo Fire. I will surely let you know what I choose next! Do you think we should start a fitness group to keep ourselves motivated? Hmmm. Hopefully,I will get more audience participation! If not, well, that is alright because I feel confident that sooner or later, IT WILL ALL COME TOGETHER! 🙂