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Vegetarian Friday-Copy a favorite restaurant!

I don’t know about you, but the temperatures have reached record highs where I am! What I prepared today was only because I have been inside! I think if I had actually been outside in the heat,I would have went for a cold fruit salad! With that being said, here is what I did from a favorite tried and true restaurant.

Yes! A really quick,really light meal. I prepared Lentil soup,Spinach leaf salad with light,zesty Italian dressing,and garlic bread sticks. Yummy,light,and fast! Can anybody top this for today? Oh come on, I know some of you had something cool! 🙂

New Vegetarian/Vegan Cookbooks!

I recently ordered new cookbooks to try to expand my “not so spectacular” culinary skills. These are the books that I have now.

I am VERY excited to see which recipes are a Hit or Miss. Now, I know some of you may be thinking..”Don’t you do Vegetarian Fridays already?” The answer is “yes” but those recipes are meals that I have been making for a while AND recipes that I have basically “made-up” or “tweaked” according to ingredients that I like the most. I will be coming out with new blogs starting in July. I will title it Experimental Wednesdays. These are the days that I will not only choose a recipe from a book, but post WHICH book,the author, AND my results from the dish! Are you as excited as I am? Do you already own one or more of these books? How were the results of the recipes in your opinion? Let’s hear it!

So starting in July, that’s Experimental Wednesdays right along with Veggie Fridays! Two days of fun,healthy,foods! 🙂

Thrifty Deals!

Yes, it’s THAT time again, deals from the thrift store! Some of you may not know this but I love deals! I am involved with the rewards program at the grocery stores,get deals online,comment on my purchases from Amazon,AND visit my neighborhood thrift stores as well as contribute myself! This is the deal I found at my last visit. I will tell you why it was such a bargain..

These books were $2.99 each! Yes, these extra-large books. My local thrift store had books for as low as .50 and as high as $7.99. Now, for some of you who are not up to date on books. The book titled “The Green Pharmacy” is now at your local Barnes & Noble for at least $30.(at least that’s what it is in my area.)I had recently visited my Barnes & Noble and saw this book! I was so delighted to know that I had grabbed this same book for barely nothing!

Now for some of you, you may feel like this is not a big deal. I am a BOOK READER, and this deal was right up my alley! What deals have YOU come across lately? Do you belong to any coupon groups? Would you pay for someone to find YOU bargains? Feel free to let me know! 🙂

Vegetarian Friday-Falafel Taco Salad

The Vegetarian Taco Bowl you can eat! Who wouldn’t like that! O.K. yes, I am well aware that I eat a little too much of the Mexican dishes, but it’s sooooo yummy! Here is what you will need:

Falafel,black olives,diced jalapeno,vegetarian refried beans,onions and peppers,salsa. First you would follow the directions on the back of the falafel for your “preferred” way to prepare it. While you are waiting for the water to absorb, have a small pan of a very small amount of olive oil and saute your onions,peppers,black olives,seasonings,slowly add your jalapeno and stir. Set aside after all is warmed. Next make your falafel.When you are finished with your falafel, take a separate small pan and warm your refried beans.(cutting down on microwave use is the key!)After the refried beans are warm, go ahead and warm up your tostado bowl and pull out your favorite toppings!

Once all is warm, you can put everything together inside your bowl and ENJOY!

I have been using either spinach leaves or kale to replace lettuce lately. What do YOU like to use? Do you have any ideas for this dish? Please feel free to comment! 🙂

Vegetarian Friday-Take it easy with Take-n-Bake!

Vegetarian Junk Food! I don’t know about you, but my absolute FAVORITE junk food is PIZZA! My favorite pizza place? Papa Murphy of course! This wonderful invention was like music to my ears the first time I heard about this place. It is the concept of “subway fresh”, but with pizza! You walk inside, tell them what type of pizza you want,(mine is the gourmet veggie with no garlic sauce-add tomato sauce), and you watch them put all the yummy food on your pizza for you. When they are done, they wrap it in clear plastic wrap and you take the pizza home. When you get home, you bake it, and your whole house smells HEAVENLY! I can assure you that by the time your pizza is ready, YOU will be READY to dig in! Now of course you can do this yourself and buy all the ingredients and even find a worthy wheat crust, but it’s the feel of fast-food with smell of home-made that we love so much! Go ahead, try it! Take an off” day and RELAX! 🙂

Do you have a special “junk” food that you enjoy the most? What do you do on “junk food” day? I usually have mine with an old dvd movie and popcorn for dessert! Let me know what you like to do on your lazy/rest day!

Is dating harder as a Vegetarian/Vegan?

On THIS blog I hope to get a lot of responses! In MY opinion(mine only) I say it is definitely harder to date as a Vegetarian in a Carnivore world,(or at least in MY area!- TN.)

I really don’t think that it is ONLY because I am a Vegetarian who sways to the Vegan side. I think my lifestyle as a whole combines and it makes it challenging for someone who does not fully understand. Remember, I am just speaking from MY experience, but I would like to know if anyone ELSE has challenges as well?

I exercise almost daily now, but not in a gym. I go on nature walks and take photos of what I think is beautiful. I like going to the parks,museums,zoos,concerts,plays,movies,etc. I listen to almost all types of music except for Country(yek! but Taylor Swift is cool). Rock is my favorite and I get over-excited on what I call “Happy Music”(C&C Music Factory,LMFAO,Brittney,etc.)I also read,craft,and blog! All of these things are a part of who I am and with ALL of that..I get “well, we can’t go to eat, there’s no place for you!” —WOW!

So how about it? Do YOU have or have had in the past problems with dating and being quite “different” from the norm? Are there any tips or tricks that I am simply over-looking? Or am I simply in the wrong area? Hmmmmm. Who knows? 🙂

Vegetarian Friday-Seitan Enchiladas

I would just like to say “Thank-you” to everyone who reads and subscribes to my blogs! It means the world to me to be able to share with like-minded people! Please feel free to leave positive comments or suggestions on any of my blogs! 🙂

These are the ingredients for our recipe today:

This is how I prepare: Cut the seitan into bite-sized pieces and put them into a pan with a Tbsp. of olive oil. I like to use black pepper,seasoning salt,and chopped green peppers and onions for the seasonings. Let it all warm for about 5-10 min. stirring frequently. Add vegetarian refried beans. Stir for another 5 min. Turn off fire from pan and let sit.

Take your wheat or chosen tortilla soft shells. On one side only put a large spoon full of your filling inside of the shell and then roll completely but not too tight! Make as many as you like and then put them all on a baking sheet side by side. On top of the enchiladas, pour salsa on top of all side by side. Use a spoon to spread the salsa from top to bottom(not underneath). Add your vegan shred of choice on top of the salsa. Bake in oven at 350 degrees. Only bake until the cheese shred is melted. Enjoy!