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Vegetarian Friday-A “Tweaked” version of Spaghetti!

Well, guess what? I went back to my old recipe from last month. The Spaghetti with Tempeh,remember? Only this time I left out the Tempeh and added this heavenly ingredient!

This version “ROCKED”! I was really wondering why I hadn’t tried this before? Has anyone had Falafel? I mean, this was so good I could have eaten them alone without the spaghetti! Now the directions had two ways of cooking them. One way was making them into balls and putting them into cooking oil.(I hate my food in cooking oil so I went with the other way.)The second way was to make them into patties and broil them. This was good enough to make into a sandwich,(which I will do in the near future),but I crumbled them up into my spaghetti and for me, it really “woke” up my dinner. This would have been simply divine had I added a nice salad on the side!

If you made or “tweaked” ANY of the recipes shared on this site, feel free to tell me all about it! What do you think about Falafel? Do you have another way of making them? Please feel free to share! 🙂

Documentaries-Do You Love Them or Hate Them?

When I was in my twenties, I always thought that documentaries were boring and had no action so why would anyone want to watch them? Now that I am older, I find myself watching more of them and actually going out of my way to watch them. This is the one that I watched tonight!

Now I’m not one for “girly chick flicks”. I don’t “cry at movies”, or anything like that. What I can say is that I get highly upset when the animals and the earth are in danger. If the animals and the earth are damaged, then humans are going to be damaged as well since we all intertwine in one way or another. Just to know that around the world and maybe in YOUR back yard humans are being “sacrificed” for no other reason but for the love of money,wealth,and/or power is pure sickening!

Now I know what you are thinking.”How do you know these film makers are telling the truth?” This is a strong possibility. I would hope that the ones who take the time to do the “leg work”, get the information, do the interviews, and document it all on film are not doing it “just because!” If they are, then we as a race just do not have ANY HOPE at all!

I have also watched Fahrenheit 911,Food Inc.and a couple of more that I have forgotten the title to. After the initial shock wears down from watching the films, disgust sets in, followed by outrage, and then sadness ending off with worry.

Do YOU watch Documentaries? What are your thoughts? Which ones are your most and least favorite? Feel free to chime in! 🙂

Library Pick For Me-Book 2

As some of you know, I visit my local library quite frequently and check out books that sound interesting from the title. Yes, I know the old saying “you can’t judge a book by its’ cover!” I guess I’m just stubborn and like to do things my way. Here is the book.

Now the first book that I posted I clearly did not finish reading. Mainly because the author seemed more interested in “telling off the nay-sayers” then putting the answers to the questions! I mean, I know the answers were there, buy why do you have to basically “beat around the bush AND run around the block just to get to them? No thanks!

Anyway, this book sounded interesting to me so I picked this up. I am not really trying to diet. I have been Vegetarian for over 9 years and I don’t consider that a diet, just a lifestyle change. I have been quite curious about the effects of detoxing though. I often wondered about the long-term versus the short-term effects. Has anyone ever read this book, or have/do detox? I would like very much to know first hand what your thoughts are if you do! Do you think it works, or is it an “only if you repeat every 3 month” type of thing? Let’s hear it! 🙂

Vegetarian Friday/Sunday?-Gardenburger and Tortilla Chips

Yes, I do have to apologize for posting this quick recipe two days late! I had prior engagements this past Friday and by the time I got home,it was bed time for me! 🙂 Here is a super fast,quick, and fairly healthy meal for after work. I dove into this as fast as I could after work on Saturday!

I love tomatoes and I love basil so this was a treat for me! I also have never turned back once I started using spinach leaves instead of lettuce! Looove it!

I put pickles and Dijon mustard with my favorite Tostitos on the side.

My Express 101 melts the Veggie slices so nicely on top of my burger!

Yummmy! I hope you enjoy this super quick less than 10 minute meal! Do you have any favorite veggies that you like to add on YOUR burgers? Why not chime in? New recipes and “tweaks” are always welcome! 🙂

Vegetarian Friday-Smart Strips Nachos!

I grew up on Mexican and Chinese dishes! No, it wasn’t the ONLY thing we ate, but it was what we had on the days we went out for dinner after church. My mom was not a “soul-food” eater and neither am I. Now that I have grown up and become vegetarian, my love for Mexican has not stopped one bit!
Here is MY version of the great Nachos!

The ingredients are: Tortilla Chips, Fresh Salsa, Vegetarian refried beans, Smart veggie “chick” strips, Shred Cheese, and Guacamole!
Cut the strips into bite size pieces, put all(yes all) ingredients in a pan and let warm as you stir on and off. Once all is warm, place the hot food on top of your chips, add veggie shred and place in microwave only to melt.(about 2 min.)

Don’t forget to put the guacamole on top! Fast,filling,and yummy! (Yes, I do recycle my plates for nachos! Lol!) Are you trying these recipes? Feel free to share what you may have added to this recipe to make it your own! Enjoy! 🙂

What do YOU do for fitness?

I am proud to announce that I am in my second month of a new fitness routine! The program itself is not new but it is nevertheless new to me! I am now a follower of Chelene Johnson’s Turbo Fire!

All I can say is that I only have GREAT things to say about the program,the music,the instructor,and the team!I am in my excited stage(as you can probably tell!)There are just a few things that I want to discuss as to MY PERSONAL obstacles I am facing. Well, let me give you a background on me.
I started in fitness in 2000. I was a Taebo FANatic! In 2004 I got into weight training at my local gym.*yes I DID have a back injury and overcame it with no major problems* I continued on until 2009 and stopped EVERYTHING until early 2011 when I started back with Taebo Amp. I didn’t complete that program due to just lack of WANTING to do it! I had always thought “wouldn’t this program be better with pumped up music?”
Now that I basically have my wish, I am doing much better and actually WANT to do this on a daily basis. I’m just wondering if anyone else who is or has done the program went through what I am going through now. You see, I’m not understanding how I did month 1 of the HIIT with no problem and now that month 2 is here(which you would expect to be stronger)I am struggling to get through the whole drill! I mean what in the world? YES, I do eat right,YES, I am writing down what I eat,YES, my body is set for every 3 hours. I even have a recovery drink! What gives? Do any of you have ANY answers that I may have overlooked? *Please don’t say eat meat because there are an abundance of athletes and fitness models who are Vegetarian as well as Vegan!* Any other advice would be greatly appreciated! 🙂 How about it?

Library Pick For Me.

I don’t know if I am one of the few or not, but I DO still go to the library and quite often. Sometimes I may grab a few free DVD movies(because you KNOW free is for me!)Lol. Sometimes I get books that interest me. That is how I learned about my essential oils and home remedies! Well this time I got this book but did not realize until after I got home that it is a part 2 and that I have not read part 1. Has anyone read this book?

I was kind of “bummed” to know that I missed part 1. I started reading it and yes, I did read all the “bad” stuff that was said about him. I want to know what you thought about this book or the first book. Did you like it? Did you believe it? Did it help you or a friend you knew? Or is it just another person making money on books?

Chime in and let me know your thoughts on the books! 🙂